Saturday, May 03, 2014

St Anthony's Tri.....relay

This relay was a year plus in the making.  In 2013 I had entry into Boston Marathon (that's a long story now) so wanted to do a relay to still take part in the fun local tri.  Well, yada yada we all got injured so deferred the entry to 2014.  Little did I know then that I would be injured again (different thing) and not running so the swim suited me for the relay.  Who knew?
Well, long story short, I was pushing the running last Fall and ended up getting a gnarly right proximal hamstring tendonopathy after successfully rehabbing my left hip labral tear.  I was really trying to get through to Gasparilla 15K but didn't make it.  I haven't run now for about 3 months.  It sucks.  I thought I was swimming pretty well until I did this relay!  Anyway, I think I'm really close to getting back to running.  I need to since I got in to the NYC Marathon in Nov - super stoked about that.  More later...
Anyway, got my great friends for relay mates, all doing segments that we frankly aren't the strongest at!  Hence the name, Team Weakest Link!  We are ready to have fun though.......and shoot for first place for Women's Masters relay if all went well!  I was surprisingly nervous for this swim!  Well, then I remembered I haven't done a triathlon or open water swim in about 2 years, made sense.  The wind managed to kick up from the East as usual for St A's and the water got that washing machine look to it........great.  Our relay wave (in water start, thankfully) was 100+ competitors so I found the left side towards the front and advised the men not to knock us gals around too much!  I avoided contact for the most part except from the water chop.  Man, I drank some salt water!  Not pretty.  Couldn't get into any rhythm at all and I was chopping wood!  I knew I would not have a good time coming out and was pissed for my teammates!  But, they had my back!  Mary rode her heart out and Jean ran really well.  All in all, we went as hard as we could and, wait for it, WON the female Masters relay (after emailing the timing company about the team they had in front of us for Masters that were much younger, they realized we won)!  I stuck around to collect our winnings and we got to connect again with so many friends which is the best part!  We spent the night in St Pete and had a blast!  It was a great weekend and look forward to doing a relay next year (anyone interested, let me know :).  Another fun year at St Anthony's and in St Pete, cool town!  We stayed in St Pete at the Hollander Hotel which was super fun, would definitely recommend!  A great weekend and room to improve the swimming....always!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Trot '13

If you asked me about 4-5 weeks ago if I'd be able to run this race this year, I would have laughed in your face.  Yeah, right.  No way I could run that, much less race it.  Well, I did run but not race it.
I was graduated from formal PT a few weeks ago and have continued on my own.  I have definitely gotten somewhere and hope to continue to be able to avoid surgery to repair my torn hip labrum.  I have very gradually, slowly increased my run mileage with some niggles but nothing major as far as I can tell.  Time came around to decide to run Turkey Trot or not and decided I'd do a warmup run and decide if the hip was willing.  We woke to the coldest temps of the fall, perfect running weather.  Felt ok on the warmup run so decided to give it a go.  I haven't done any tempo runs, just a couple shorter, slow "interval" workouts to test the hip.  Didn't figure my current fitness level would allow anything sub-7 minute pace as most of our regular runs are 8:30-8:50 pace.  Started out at 7 min pace to see how long I could hang on and was surprised to see I could hold this the whole way.  Slowest 10K for me in many years but over the moon to line up and participate!  Our rule with Turkey Trot is we run unless injured, sick or out of town!  Saw lots of friends and had a blast.  Even got on the Masters podium, shocker of the day!  It was a really good Thanksgiving for sure.  The Dane missed the Grandmasters podium but remains motivated to improve on this.  He will run the Holiday Halfathon in a couple weeks but I don't have the mileage for that so my next run planned is Say No to Drugs 10K the week after.  I plan week to week now so we'll see.  I am going to try and register for NYC Marathon '14, just can't resist!  Fingers crossed!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

So, what now..

Boy, this was an interesting summer.  I was "able" to run all summer (10 weeks of it anyway) for the marathon planned 9/8.  All was well until after the last long run.  The last long run went well, half at goal marathon pace, feeling confident.  Not without pain but tolerable.  Then, my hip was not happy.  I couldn't run any more.  No marathon.  No chance for the BQ that I had been dreaming about since that horrible day I witnessed on April 15th.  I promised myself I would toe the line in Boston next April but my body had other plans.  I went from a great 16-miler to not being able to run 4 miles.  I had to succumb to this now.  Shit.
I've had a lot of time to deal with this.  I'm not happy with it but at least I know what I'm dealing with, injury-wise.  There is always power in knowledge.  Wish I'd done this in March when it happened!  I've started physical therapy and think I've found a really good bunch there.  I will likely need surgery to repair my hip labrum in the future but my PT is on board with trying to avoid this, for the short term anyway.  Crazy thing is, I can bike and swim so this is part of my therapy now!  As a "retired" triathlete, this is not a problem!  I am riding my Computrainer regularly now and have made a return to masters swim.  Geez, I might have to make a triathlon "comeback" next year!  Trying to stay positive and get stronger, my new goal.
The great thing is that the Boston Marathon is run every year, I will run there eventually!  Maybe stronger..... #silverlinings

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The good news and the bad news.......the bad news sucks

Well, I've finally gotten the results from my MRI done the end of June.  Not like I was avoiding it intentionally but I was sort of avoiding it, I guess.  I got a surprise a few days ago visiting my ortho when he said I have a tear in my acetabular labrum......and, oh btw some tendonitis in my hammy attachments.  I have in the past few days become an internet expert in the labrum tear territory,  so should you  This is the layman's address.  The bottom line, it's a real shit injury for a runner and the only fix is surgery.  Very avascular area and does not heal on its own.  Major bummer!
The good news, my ortho didn't see any reason I couldn't run my BQ attempt marathon in 4 weeks.  I will have pain.  Check.  I can and should take anti-inflammatories.  Check.  I hopefully won't do further damage.  We'll see.
I know exactly when this injury happened.  I didn't do it running, I did it in the pool, kicking vigorously on my side with fins.  I remember.  I want to forget.  This kept me out of the Boston Marathon this year.  I'll be damned if it keeps me out in 2014.  
The plan is in play.  Run a qualifier, preferably 10-20 faster than BQ to be sure to get a spot.  I think I am on track for that.  Ran 10 miles of M-pace or faster inside of the long run the heat.  Planning on cooler temps for LVH in four weeks but if it's hot, I'm ready!  I am keeping my race plan in play despite the diagnosis.  Don't care if I have to walk/jog Boston and get surgery afterwards, the plan is in play.
So, Advil is my friend and finding a PT to get me started with therapy will be a plus.  Could use any advise on a good local PT, by the way.
All in for Boston.....

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Why am I doing this....

I know why.  Today I suffered through more heat and humidity than I ever thought possible.  More than my two IM races in Kona, believe it or not!
I am trying to transform myself into a marathoner.  Unfortunately, I'm trying to do it in the "dog days of summer" in Florida.  I'm only doing this to get my BQ for Boston Marathon 2014 and get back.  Get back to what I couldn't accomplish in April.  Get back at the bombers.  Get ME back, uninjured and running free for something that means more than I can possibly scribe.
The plan today was simple on paper, 20 mile run.  No big deal, marathoners do it all the time.  I am on a 12 week marathon plan, racheting up the miles as I go.  On paper, seemed right.  Florida summer heat is brutal.  I'm small, handle heat well, no biggie.  Until about 15 miles.  This is where all the Ironman toughness was beneficial for me today.  Temp was 94* starting out at 6am, WTF.  I had to go to the little corners of the brain that keep telling you to 'just keep going'.  The Dane baled out early, he was cooked already and made the right call.  It was me and my thoughts.
Nothing has motivated me more in a long time than getting back to Boston.  I remember the bombs so vividly and that is all the motivation that drives me when I'm cooked on these hot Florida runs.  I have so many reasons to make this BQ happen.  I know others do too and I hope to meet up with them in Hopkinton in April '14.
5 weeks, I just HAVE to do this......

Friday, July 05, 2013

Where am I now..

I am currently 9 weeks from my attempt at BQ in Sept.  It has really been a challenge.  The injury that kept me out of the Boston marathon has truly lingered.  I restarted consistent (read 5 runs/week) 2 1/2 weeks ago and I'm tolerating slow running.  I cannot tolerate speed work or any "ballistic" training, as my ortho told me.  Yes, I caved and saw a doctor who likely knows more than me (I've been self-diagnosing for years).  Got an MRI a week ago, still don't know results.  But, he agreed with my diagnosis (adductor strain/tear) but wanted scan to see where healing was.  My goal is to get to a good physio who can tell me what to do to prevent recurrent adductor (with running) issues.  However, I have a damn marathon to train for. Oh, and it's summer time in Florida.  It aint pretty, folks.  We have run in "feels like" temps well over 100 deg, not recommended.  I'm holding up so far, just trying to boost the mileage.  At the end, I hope to get there. It will be a catered 26.2 mile run and I will focus on all the reasons I want to head back to Boston.  There are a lot.  To call it unfinished business doesn't touch where I am emotionally on that issue.
One of the biggest strengths I learned that I have from the years of Ironman racing was mental toughness.  I'm gonna need it, all!
So, if you see me jogging along on the Pinellas trail or elsewhere, I'm trying to get miles.  Every mile is a gift!

Our summer ice bath... someone really likes it!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Marathon training......sort of

14 weeks out from BQ try in PA.  I have run, lets see, about 5 miles this week.  Where do I start.  I dove into the deep end, as I'm accustomed to, with training and have managed to aggravate my left hammy/adductor.  I had a couple decent speed workouts which I shouldn't have done in the first place.  Lesson learned.  Really, this time I have learned.  I promise.
So, from here on 'til
September, I just need to try and get in some miles.  I jogged a few miles today with some awareness but no pain to speak of.  I know what to do with this and will make it my job to do all the extra stuff and get where I need to be to add mileage.  And, NO speed work!
Turns out the only stand alone marathon I've ever done was the easiest to train for!  Thought that would continue but not so much.  I will persevere!

Turns out, I'm famous (helps to line up with the boys)!  This pic from latest SI.  Way to go Turkey Trot!
Never give up...