Saturday, February 23, 2008

Running again

I didn't want to jinx myself and post last weekend about running again. I'm a bit superstitious I suppose! I did run last weekend off the bike Saturday and Sunday, just 20 minutes each day. Wondered who's legs I was running with - certainly not the legs I stopped running with 3 1/2 weeks ago! Anyway, no pain or injury issues, just suboptimal run fitness. Amazing how fast it goes away! Ran again on Weds, 40 minutes. I was supposed to run again on Thurs but thought I'd be better off just not running so just swam in the am and did serious power lifting in the evening. I've been swimming 4 days per week, 2 days technique and 2 days just regular masters yardage. I think this is going well. Riding with power meter which was broken and needed replacement which was done very quickly - thanks to SRM and Outspokin!! Lifting power weights three days per week and this is wicked hard! Sore after every one hour session because it is full-body workout!! The drive home from the gym, about 8 minutes, is an effort! The weights are slowing the other workouts but even so, I felt stronger in my Friday swim. Strange.
I'm getting HUGE! Hee hee. I will post pics of new brick route, it's killer - along the waterfront, then up to the golf course. Tough living. Change of race plans too, nixing St Croix 70.3 due to injury and don't want to go in there with subpar run. Planning instead to do IM Kansas 70.3 Lawrence in June, perfect timing and it'll be great to get back to KU country. Haven't been back there since I took classes in '90-'91. Go Hawks!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hey Ya'll

When I qualified for Kona '06 race, I gifted myself with a much-needed new tri bike. It was a really good move for me and I've enjoyed riding my P3C immensely. When I qualified for Kona '08, I decided to commit myself to cycling more (and more specifically) in '08 to prep for Kona. I felt the best way for me to try and make another leap forward in cycling was to train with power. I finally got my new SRM mid-January. I'm still playing around with it, trying to figure it out but I can see where more information will help me improve my cycling. I'm also doing a training program which is power based instead of heart rate based. It's hard and there is no hiding and not much "easy" mileage but I want to give this a shot. I did my first test on Sunday, functional threshold power (FTP) test. Drove out to Fort Desoto since there are no stop lights or any distractions there to do the test. My cycling program is pretty much based on my FTP so it was important to get this info. I actually was right around where I guessed I might be based on wattage readings I had gotten from my Tacx trainer over the past year or so. So now, I'm ready to embark on my training with specificity in increasing my FTP. We'll see if it works. Had a wrench thrown into my overall training with a running injury I seem to have aquired in Maui and also we have moved. The move has taken a bit away from training as I have been prioritizing going back and forth between houses to get our stuff moved and organized. The injury was a bit worse than I felt initially and I probably shouldn't have run the last 10K race but cest la vie. I did see someone about this and he confirmed my initial fear, probable "stress reaction" in my right leg, which is just short of being a stress fracture. The bad news is this takes 4-6 weeks to heal if I don't run at all (which honestly, I cannot currently). The good news is, it's starting to really feel better now after 2 weeks of no running. I figure 2 more weeks tops and I should be back pounding the pavement. I have been swimming 4-5 days per week, working strictly on form 2 of those days (swimming 101, Bree Wee style!). Getting back on the bike now that the house is getting a bit more organized. Besides, when the Dane gets back from his 10-day stint in Europe, he can finish up! Doing 1-2 trainer rides during the week then riding Sat and Sun with some specific power sets all days. So that's it. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my Spring races in but already having to cancel on Chilly Willy duathlon which is one of my favorites. We'll see....