Friday, December 22, 2006


On the trainer already after, what, about 6 weeks from 70.3 World Championships (add three weeks from Kona). I always feel this is a good time of year to, first, relax and second, work on weaknesses. One of my major weaknesses that I always seem to be behind on (even though I DO improve a little every year) is bike power/strength. So, my goal for now is to do the big gear work at least once per week on the trainer. It's very difficult physically but my motivation is coming back around after a successful '06 race season. I got a good tip from Lisa Bentley's husband about one of my fav short course athlete's (Emma Snowsill) workouts so I'm pretty focused on this type of training. I haven't ever really stuck to big gear work so I'm more committed to it this winter. I will continue longer, aerobic miles on the road since the weather is usually cooperative, unlike Colorado! Glad I'm not there right now! Swimming is hard again. It's amazing how quickly swim fitness goes down the drain but that's what I get for being a runner! We'll get in a good week next week because the Dane and I will be off and can get to the pool four days, at least.
I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend and gets to spend it with someone they love, I will!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Can't remember the last time I ran a 10K (open, not in a tri) but I think it was 5 years ago. I ran the same race this year, although the course was a bit harder because the little draw bridge from 5 years ago was replaced with a monster bridge. So, I guess I should be happy that I ran faster this year than in 2001! You won't see my name in the results though because this is an annual bandit race - I like to say I just didn't get there early enough to register, sounds good. Anyway, leading up to this race, I have only been running 3-6 miles at a pop at around 8:30 pace for the most part, which is my aerobic pace right now. I didn't place myself up front at the start as I didn't have a race number on and didn't want to get lectured by the race management. This ended up being a real pain because when the gun went off, I was stuck behind a large group of joggers and had to meander around them for the first several minutes up the bridge. I finally was able to get in a good pace by the top of the bridge. My only goal for this race was to try and break 43 minutes. I don't know what I was basing this on, just sounded like a good number. Anyway, I had some pretty bad side stiches after the first couple miles which I was clicking off at 6:36/mile pace so had to slow down a bit. I ended up running about 41:40 which I was really pretty happy with. My average heart rate was 177 which was a solid tempo effort. I was happy with the fact that I competed well also. I ended up running the last mile or so with a couple of really fast girls and toughed it out pretty good. I was limited mostly cardiovascularly but my legs felt pretty good the whole way. It's a long way off my PR, but I'm pretty sure I won't be getting anymore run PR's! The next thing on the schedule is another 10K and a half marathon in January. Looking forward to these because it's nice to run hard every now and then during base phase which gets a little boring. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Ok, so I've just watched the NBC coverage of IM Hawaii. I am passionate about this sport so it touches me. I am not normal. Nobody who knows me will argue that!! It's now safe to say, watching this coverage, the first one I've competed in, I am more motivated to return than I was to get there in the first place! I didn't think that was possible. That is hard to believe because I was hellbent on getting to Kona and didn't care what happened after that! Words mean nothing, action is the only thing. In this sport, that is a cruel reality. I am so inspired by stories that I hear. I think that is what will keeps me in this sport as long as my body will allow! I love Desiree's happiness, Michellie's readiness, Natascha's professionalism, Jo's candidness and Lisa's absolute determination. I've had the pleasure of meeting Michellie and Lisa and have had conversations with them. I don't know if any other sport allows that closeness to the elites as triathlon and that's part of the sport that is so cool. I also have met a few other pro's but these two individuals stick out in my mind. They are really nice, "regular" people I've really rooted for them and they are awesome! I appreciate that Desiree is a college runner, as am I, and only "just" learned to swim seven years ago! Wish I had that kind of talent!
The Dane has left for Europe for a week and I am alone to fend for myself, yikes! I realize how much he means to my whole life now, more so when he's gone. We have had a good week of run frequency, swim technique and bike when we can. The goal in December is to recover and have time together, training is sencondary. But...
I am sappy, I am inspired by the stories that are shown. I think, you have to be dead if you aren't inspired to be better than you are! I hope that we all can be better than we already are now. I'm already planning on it......are you???....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

All I can say is that the Gators should get a chance for the national championship. I can pontificate on why I come to this conclusion but the Dane is tired of hearing it so I'm sure others will be also! We rode the mountain bikes today locally (no real trails) which was fun. We saw a fox den and a hawk hunting a smaller bird (they almost ran into me) and some other cool birds. We want to do more mountain biking on more trails when the Dane gets his whole set up squared. It's so much fun! Ran six miles off the mountain bike and felt pretty good. A little impatient with the "aerobic training zone" since it was unseasonably warm (sorry for those of you freezing in the Northing states) but got through it fine. Ended up running five days this week, started back swimming and with the weight room - I have some serious issues in leg strength! Plan to fix that! GO GATORS!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Amazingly enough, I still have some calf soreness from Turkey Trot a week ago! Wow, didn't think I ran all that hard. At least I don't have the quad soreness also like the Dane! That's why I bailed from the 10K! We started back in the pool today also, 5AM. ughhhh. It wasn't too hard to get up this morning though because I was dreaming about the swim at St Anthony's! More like a nightmare, you'd think! I actually bit the bullet and signed up for St. A's. I haven't done that race in several years due to concerns I have over massive congestion on the bike course. For 2007, however, the RD created a new division, "elite age group division". I happen to have a qualifying time for this division and, since this wave goes off before the masses, congestion shouldn't be a problem. So, I no longer have any excuses. I will likely get my rear end handed to me but it will be a B race, afterall. I will be prepping for Florida 70.3 race in May and, hopefully, Ironman Coeur d'Alene in June (if I win an entry from Florida 70.3). We'll see. More on the 2007 schedule to come.