Sunday, October 18, 2009

Updates on the injury front


Wish I was Kara. Slap, back to reality. And, Linda and the Dane on the long run.
Ok, I think I officially have surpassed the longest time I've not run in at least 20 years. It's testing me more mentally than anything. It has been over 9 weeks with no running due to the hammy tear now and, good news, it is feeling better. So, in my ambition to return to running and sanity, I tried running, read jogging, on Monday while the Dane was doing his mile repeats. Just jogged 2 min on, 1 min walk for about 15 minutes. Didn't "hurt" but I did feel uncomfortable. Bummed and set back a bit for sure. But, I feel ok now, think I recovered ok. I've learned that when I am riding, though I have no pain, I place a lot of stress on the hammy with sprinting or accelerating so I have been avoiding these parts of riding. I have been avoiding riding in the hills as well for the same reasons. I have been riding the Power Cranks twice per week but on the Computrainer with the IM Canada real course video and I love riding the climbs but find that is stressing the hammy. So, I need to keep riding boring, flat roads to not place stress on the hammy. I'm learning. I downloaded a really good hammy rehab program online and a progression schedule so that is what I'm focusing on doing daily now. Mix of stretching, both static and eccentric, and strengthening, both concentric and eccentric. The eccentric rehab is what needs to improve before I can run again, in my opinion. Figure I'll wait another week prior to another jogging trial. Bummed I'm totally going to miss out on IM 70.3 Worlds here in Clearwater but I don't want to do anything that will set me back. I thought hard about doing the swim and bike but I know I'll instinctively sprint out of the water into T1 and that could set me back another 3 months, no can do. So, I'll be cheerleader like the last two years and get motivated. Watching IM Hawaii online last Sat was awesome. I want to give major props to my friend Lisbeth K who had a well deserved win in the 40-44 AG in Kona, truly awesome performance for her! So, I will be back and, I think, better. I'm riding a lot more than I would, has to count for something. Thinking about a swim camp or two during off-season also to improve my technique. I am not signing up for any races until I'm better, that's my rule now. I am, however, already signed up for IM 70.3 New Orleans so have that goal. I am excited for my brother who is going to run his first half marathon in four weeks, I think he'll surprise himself. He has done a 10K and 5K in his training and has hardware to show for each race - better than most. His goal is to do a 70.3 race next year, should be fun to help him on his journey. So, that's where we are now. Into the off season for me but the Dane has the last sprint tri of the season next Sat, I think he'll win Masters again (at 49, not bad). Warm wishes.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Not dead...really

So, for those who aren't on facebook (mom), probably wondering what the Hell happened to me, I'm still alive. Found out on Monday that I had torn my hamstring at the origin (biceps femoris, to be specific). Note that this MRI was done nearly 6 weeks after the injury so it was probably much worse initially than what showed. I am extremely disappointed but relieved to know exactly what the problem is - makes rehabbing and goal-setting easier. I'm sure now, after doing some research, how this happened. I think that I was totally overtrained and my quads had been really shot for weeks - probably more than I should feel is "normal" for IM training. But, being the overachiever and driven individual I am, I chose to ignore and push through this. I've read that when the quads, main cycling and running muscles, get overdone, the other, smaller muscles get recruited and may or may not be able to handle the load. My hammies are relatively weak, something I've known, and took the brunt. Felt a twinge on the last long run (that I ignored completely) and pushed on. Bad idea and the beginning of my demise. One day, running 7:30's on my last long brick, the next, can't run 1/2 mile. The log tells all and, if I had a coach, I would have been told to back off way before. The complications of being a self-coached athlete. So, fast forward to now. I haven't been able to run for 7 weeks now. My ortho said likely 8-12 weeks for me. Note, I am pain-free mostly with swimming and cycling, thank God - my only source of therapy other than the grappa! So, riding power cranks with no pain - actually riding these better than I ever thought possible for me (the mind is amazing). I'm thinking/hoping this will make transition back to running easier, we'll see. Riding regular bike too and swimming. My swimming has come back to me also in the pool - the other "sign" I was overcooked was I couldn't swim worth shit during the summer, just plain drained. I've learned alot. I'm not 25 anymore and have to take recovery days - very hard for someone who loves to train (and has a stressful job/needs the release)! I do have the IM 70.3 World Championships here in November and I plan to at least do the swim and bike. If I can run some, I'll give it a go but my ortho told me the last thing to come back is fast running (and don't re-injure and go through this all over). Great, in a World Championship race and no fast running - should be a humbling experience! Well, I earned this and will embrace it fully and be thankful that I have qualified for this race - a feat that is no longer easy (I couldn't qualify last year). So, I'll keep updating to anyone who wants to know. Onward and I'm not giving up just getting stronger!