Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank goodness for rest week!

I've had a solid training week last week and am thoroughly tired and sore. I did all my workouts, plus extra swimming. My long run is still not long but I'm trying to gradually extend that. It'll affect my early races but hopefully I'll have it long enough for half ironman in June. I'm dealing with some really strange pains in my butt/hamstring area so have stopped the power weights - may have been too much to do while training with power on the bike. I'm gonna see how a week of rest does then persue opinions if these pains don't resolve next week. Being over 40 is a drag. I do have a race on Sunday 4/6, olympic distance tri in Clermont. I'll get to shake out the race cobwebs and open things up for real. I feel good about the swim and bike but the run is lagging due to time off from the injury. I'm really only doing this race because I don't like to have St A's being my first Oly distance tri. I look forward to racing with the power meter, not for instant in-race feedback but more for reviewing afterwards. We'll see. My legs are currently toast, hopefully I'll get a little spring back by Sunday. I have whirlwind schedule planned for April - Clermont 4/6, sprint tri 4/12, then St A's 4/27 (this being the most important of the three). I'm getting a new '08 P3C frame this week, my trusty '06 frame is on it's way to Sweden - I hope it's ridden fast! I'll be sure to take pics!
Kia Kaha

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bend and snap

Yeah, remember that from Legally Blonde?? Or something similar to that anyway. Funny movie. But, the point is, I'm trying to grasp the two-beat kick. It sounds really simple but, for one who did not grow up swimming, it is far from simple. Seems that learning to swim properly and efficiently has taken up more time than training the other sports! Anyway, Coach Seth was on deck demonstrating the two-beat kick dryland style and got into this rhythm and the word snap popped out of his mouth and Val and I busted up laughing (especially after Val blurted out "bend and snap"). Guess you had to be there! Keep in mind, we're swimming at 5AM, it doesn't take much to get giddy. He was making up drills for me to do and I felt like a wounded animal. I got to swim this morning with all of the lesson fresh in my mind and feel I have a mild grasp on it. I don't know if it's a runner thing but I didn't think I did that much kicking. We swam some 300's this morning and I really tried to concentrate on NOT kicking, just doing two-beat and dragging my legs. Amazing how much less tiring it felt! I didn't swim faster necessarily but it felt more efficient. Not sure I was doing it right but I'm working on it (different coach on deck). And, if you should see me running, yes I'm wearing compression socks. Not trying to be a Euro wannabe, just nursing my lower leg from the injury Jan/Feb and these really seem to help. They just look really dorky! Oh well, the price for better perfomance!
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Swimming and power lifting

Ohhhhhh, can I say painful combination! I have been on this strength training program for 3 1/2 weeks now, it's more based somewhat on power lifts and the remainder on moving your own body weight and dynamic resistance. It is killer and I'm spending more time in the gym than I ever have. I hope it's getting me stronger because I am truly sore after each session. The exercises change every session so the body doesn't adapt so easily and one can continue to make strength gains. Anyhow, I'm doing all this while ramping up my swimming, biking and running. Training on the bike with the power meter is becoming like another weight session and is quite demanding but every session is quality - no junk miles here! Running is coming along slowly. Did almost 7 miles yesterday with 3 x 7 min tempo in the middle. I'm not fast but I'm working on it. Swimming is challenging when paired with the weight training. However, I'm getting faster, I think. Had a 1000y TT in the pool this morning (done solo) and averaged 1:25 pace for the distance. I think that's some sort of improvement for me. It's not fast by any stretch but it's not so long ago that I was using 1:40 as my aerobic "T-pace". And, the fact that I'm in to middle of massive weight training AND able to swim faster is really positive! I think the technique work I'm doing is really helping me to not always try and muscle through the water. I am pumped that once I go to a maintenance phase on the weights in 6-7 weeks, I'll swim way faster. It is really fun because I used to be such an aweful swimmer. Just shows what dedication, consistency and drive can do to turn a weakness into a potential weapon. Now, if I can just ride the bike faster and not lose all that wonderful time I'll gain in the water, I'll be all set!