Sunday, June 13, 2010

Running 5K's....well, jogging

When you've been "out" of action for over 10 months due to injury, it is really something to pin a number on to the running shorts again. If you've not run, been competitive and/or had a major injury in your lifetime, you'll never understand this. I digress. The Taphouse 5K run just started last summer but became immediately famous with the post-race beer, but it is a fun social event as well. So, goal for me was to start in the middle and not run faster than my hammy was ready for. I have been progressing well with the running and feel, for once, like I'm over the hammy injury (but, at this age, one is never "over" a hammy injury). So, the Dane ran well, got a "world famous Boot" and we had fun evening socializing. I, on the other hand, ran a PW ("personal worst" for my Mother) by far but that was actually the goal, to not re-injure! We had a lovely weekend afterwards, SUP'ing and getting others to feel the the stoke of SUP, which is really cool. Watching the World Cup in our favorite watering hole, IRB House of Ale rounded out the weekend! Go USA.
Go Danmark tomorrow!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Early June news

This weekend was really cool. So many races going on but I'm not in any of them! Back-tracking to last weekend, we competed in the first Clearwater Sailing Center open water mile swim. I've never swam in the intracoastal for obvious reasons........shark city. Figured if there were many others out there, I shouldn't be too much at risk. Truth be told, we haven't really been swimming as much as years past for many reasons so no expectations going in to this, just good training effort. So, off we go into the water, my first "race" in a really long time (yeah, I don't count the SUP race.....but should) so was eager to get out on good feet. I knew the feet I wanted but they left me quickly so I was on my own. Yada, yada, yada I ended up 5th overall woman which is good for me in a swim race. Household trophy back to Kathy as the Dane was not feeling that competitive spirit! Hee hee. Got to get results where I can these days!
We were blessed last weekend to stay at L&L beach condo (thanks guys) and SUP our arms off! We did an epic 6.4-miler on Sat and it was hard for sure! I had some sore calves from barefoot beach running so we didn't do much training, just enjoyed our beautiful surroundings! We are blessed to live in such a wonderful place and know the oil is out there and hoping it doesn't come our way. Either way. we want to get out on the water and see all the cool stuff while we can. Last weekend, we saw loggerhead, tarpon, sharks which was amazing.
I'm getting motivated again to start training. The running is coming along but it's slow! Better than nothin! Get out and see the water while you can, folks!!