Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is finally here!

Not much going on here as I've managed to re-injure my hammy worse than previously thought. But, at least it's finally starting to warm up. If not, I'd be completely depressed! This means the pool is a normal temperature again and we have been able to get in two full weeks of masters swim. It really sucked to get back in but I'm feeling the form (such as it is) return a bit and we're able to keep on the set intervals. I am back to swimming with the pull buoy (which I hate) so as to not aggravate the hammy too much but I'm getting pretty good with the little bit of styofoam holding up my legs! I have been riding but playing with saddle height as the re-fit I had just aint working for me as I'm having foot/IT band and hip issues. I NEED to be able to ride since I cannot run now so I may find my sweet spot. We are back on the SUP's also which is so peaceful. SUP'd mid-week after work and it was pretty awesome and great stress reliever! Again today on the Gulf with some challenging wind and swells but managed it fine. My beloved iphone died so off the the Apple Genius Bar yesterday after work and I am proud owner of a new iphone - gotta love that company! Outspokin had a ladies night last night which we attended and I think that was a success and fun! Thanks, Val.
Oh yeah, my brother survived his first triathlon and I am very proud of him! He did well, finishing in the middle of his age group and, like his little sis, if knew how to swim any he'd be killing it! Way to go Mikey!
So, hoping to get back to some jogging in the next couple weeks, fingers crossed. Until then, it's swim, bike, SUP for me......not at all bad.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

As the hammy turns...

The thing that possessed my time and energy this week wasn't training, unfortunately. It was tending to my hamstring. I went running on Tuesday, like any normal day in my life, and came home with a very painful left hamstring. I was convinced I had re-torn the muscle from the pain I was getting. An emotional meltdown soon followed, sorry DCM (new name for the Dane.....Danish Cycling Machine, stealing from Hillary Biscay). I limped for three days at work and at home. I did rest for three days and did some icing, gentle stretching, e-stim, etc. I can say today that it does feel better than Weds. Also had some ART and Graston, thanks Joe local ART guru, which was painful but I think has helped. Rode the bike Sat and today and felt fine. I don't think it will be several months of no running this time, just a couple weeks, thank God. A wee set back. My heel pain, as a result, is getting better as well. So, maybe no racing the end of March (except maybe Aquabike) but certainly April is not out of the question. Hoping I can work on fitness, which is lacking for sure after such a long time off from hard training. Hopefully, it'll get warmer and we can get back in the pool with some consistency. The Sunday ride is growing in numbers and speed for sure! If you live around here and want a super hard ride, join us on Sundays - what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. The DCM ran Belleair Classic 10K yesterday and went faster than last year, good things! My bro Mike has his first triathlon next weekend and we're really excited for him! Go Mikey!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

chilly Willy Duathlon...the movie

chilly willy duathlon 2010 from kathy frailing on Vimeo.