Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top Gun non-race report

Note the speedo....old school racing this year for the boys!

Sonny and Pops pre-race

Insert my voice..."go honey!!!!!" Anders killing it!

The Dane getting it done. Note the pelvic tilt, we have work to do!

So, Top Gun was to be my next race but I managed to get injured in the week leading up to it which was very depressing for me. Plus, I love, love, love Top Gun Tri because the best race director/sponsor ever is at the helm, but, I digress. My fitness was coming along quite nicely after the hard training break after Florida 70.3. Actually, I think my aerobic run fitness is better than I've ever had it - super low heart rates even in the heat. I likely overdid it in the preceeding week with the running. We ran the Pier 60 5K on 7/22 and I felt absolutely horrible and ran super slow (but ended up as second overall female); I knew I needed to start doing some more specific run training as opposed to 'just running' which was all I had been doing. So, tempo run, long run, speed work ensued. Unfortunately, I did too much all at once, I guess. We did an easy day the day before (the injury) so hoped we were recovered from the Dane's Sunday workout of long-ish (for us, no ironman stuff here for now) bike then 8 x 800M (Oly 10K run pace) run repeats. Went out to Fort Desoto to conquer a solid time trial bike workout and run/swim. Did the bike workout (main set 2 x 20min) but felt tired. Onto the run and after 5 minutes of slow running, felt like someone shot me in the back of the right calf. Damn. Worst fear, torn muscle. Best case, strained muscle. (I've actually had this happen before about 11 years ago (Gulf Coast tri...dnf)). Damn. I did not have any signal of any problem and would have stopped if I did. I am in the 'zero tolerance to injury' portion of my athletic career. So, I have really laid low since this incident and the leg is feeling much better. No tear, for sure. I am hoping I'll be running (jogging) again this week but will take it day by day. Just have to be smarter about planning the weeks. We are our own coaches so, when motivation is high, we go with it! Not necessarily the ideal/emotion-free scenario but it's what we have. When I say we, I mean the Dane and me. The Dane won his AG at Top Gun and damn near (at 51) won Masters. I'm super proud of him! Onto the next set of races. Love Florida, there are plenty of races!! Suncoast tri for sure with the best RD and sponsor, Outspokin of course! I'll be back....