Monday, January 29, 2007


Nothing special going on this past weekend. The Dane left on Saturday for Europe for a week so on my own for this week. We had a nice ride Sat, 3 hours in the saddle. I kept it under my MAHR except for the brief spike when we almost got sideswiped by some old guy in an SUV! For those wondering, MAHR means Maximum Aerobic Heart Rate which is the basis of most of the Mark Allen Online training. I'm trying to be more compliant with it this winter. Not as hard on the bike as it is on the run! I ran 9 miles in the cool wind on Sunday which was pretty boring by myself. By mile 5, I could feel the soreness from the 1/2 marathon last weekend - not totally recovered yet! Swimming was chilly this morning. I had one good session last week where I felt things were coming around in the water but now I feel back to slogging away mode! Need to add more swims but don't have the facility or time this point. We're working on that for February. Stay warm....

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I wanted to write this while I still had the fresh sting of pain in my legs. Let's just say any worries I had about losing my mental toughness after last weekend's 10K are gone. We (the Dane and I) always treat this half marathon as a catered long training run. We're typically not prepared, ie. no long runs, for it and just want to measure anyway. Unfortunately for us, others are quite prepared for this "race". I use the term "race" losely however, I raced until the last inch of this one. You see, I ran toe to toe, shoulder to shoulder with one of my biggest tri AG competitors Sharon B. for whom I have the utmost respect. We started the race and ended it together and pushed each other the entire way and took no prisoners the whole time. I would not have pushed as hard if it wasn't her on my shoulder but I felt the need to represent, if you will. She is one classy competitor and neither one of us wanted to "win" over the other after the 13.1 miles we covered together but,someone had to outsprint the other and I have clearly lost any footspeed I once had!! The best part is we both had a big smile at the finish and she actually apologized for winning this battle. Class act in my book. The reason I mention mental toughness is that we began the race with a solid 7 minute per mile pace which I, personally, knew I wasn't prepared to handle but was willing to stick with my racemate as long as she was willing. We held this until about mile 11 when the stiff headwind and final bridge became a cruel reality and we both were suffering and slowed. The final stretch was pretty funny because I tried to actually sprint but I am far from the days of 58 second 400meters and it showed. We took one and two in the AG so it's all good. In the end, after talking to her, we both elevated our effort above what we felt was possible on the day and we will both improve for the effort in the long run. So, thanks to Sharon B. for pushing me today. I still believe so greatly in the aerobic training that I'm doing through and will continue to swear by it. I ran almost one minute faster than last year with less actual running mileage and ALL of it being aerobic other than two 10K's. Props to all who showed up today and bettered themselves on a tough, windy day. The Dane was the proud winner of his AG.......I'm not worthy! So, will try and recover from this and move on to the next challenge, Chilly Willy Duathlon which is super hard/fun. I hope that everyone gets to challenge their own previously determined barriers, it's painful but well worth it.........

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I was so happy to find out this morning that I was accepted (or invited, if you will) to the elite triathlon team for 2007. I really wanted to get on this team but didn't know if I'd make it because they have so many really fast girls in/around my AG. I really believe in the coaching system they have put together and am using it again this year. We'll see how everything goes. Yipee!

Monday, January 15, 2007


This one didn't feel very good. Ran in the St Pete Beach Classic 10K on Saturday hoping to see some improvement in my fitness although I haven't done anything other than aerobic work the past month or so (running-wise). I did run a little bit faster than the 10K in Dec but really had problems with side stitches again which really slows me down. I ran 41:19 but really didn't feel very good. I was 8th overall woman but only fourth in my AG, tough going! I did run a little faster at a lower average heart rate so I guess that means my engine is improving, who knows. I'm starting my Peak Performance program with this week, 18 weeks out from Florida 70.3. Decided to scrap IM Coeur d'Alene due to the Dane's heavy work commitments and will do IM Florida in Nov which we're already signed up for. We may do Buffalo Springs 70.3 in June instead which is pretty competitive and does have a few Kona slots. So, I have a schedule to follow now but am quite sore today so today's run will get moved to tomorrow. We have a 1/2 marathon this coming Sunday which I'm looking less forward to after this 10K but it's just a long-run workout.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


So, you are curious about the title of this blog, you should be. The Dane and I are watching his favorite program, NOVA. They are showing a program about Great White sharks in the so-called red triangle off the California coast. There were two female great white sharks who seemed to hunt together which is unusual for the species. They were referred to as the 'sisterhood'. This struck me for some reason. As a fierce competitor, I envy the predatory nature of this animal and would love to mimic my racing in this fashion. I then decided I should coin a phrase, if you will. "The sisterhood" came about in my mind as catchphrase for 2007. Girls, jump aboard if you dare. Seeking only those who wish to fulfill the predatory racing spirit of the Great White. It's all about the spirit, not necessarily how fast you race. Just race and live with passion to improve yourself, as I do on daily basis. I hope to see more of my Sisters down the road.... Let's all improve ourselves in '07 and have our best year ever!

Monday, January 01, 2007


We just got back from spending 3 fabulous days in Ponte Vedra Beach (near Jacksonville) relaxing and spending time with some of my favorite people. I got to spend time with my old college roommate/best girlfriend and her husband/sister/mother and the Dane got meet these great people. We had a wonderful time there and the place that we stayed (Ponte Vedra Inn & Club) was really pleasant. It's hard to describe when you meet back up with people that you haven't seen for some time and it's like you were never apart! We really had a nice time and a "honeymoon" of sorts as the Dane's father stated, funny! We had a really nice week off (work) between X-mas and New Years and did some good training. I am starting back with Jan 1st, so had a chance to crank up the miles/yardage this last week of '06. Swimming four days straight last week was hard but essential in getting "back into the program" so to speak! I look forward now to getting back into a healthy training/eating routine! Went a little off track with the eating/socializing the past couple weeks but it was fun and well worth it! My toast on New Years was to remembering a great '06 and to a better '07. 2006 will be hard to top in my book but I have a lot of things on the schedule and really look forward to having an enjoyable and successful time in '07. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays even half as much as I did and looking forward to wonderful things in '07! Happy New Year to all, set your goals high!