Monday, January 15, 2007


This one didn't feel very good. Ran in the St Pete Beach Classic 10K on Saturday hoping to see some improvement in my fitness although I haven't done anything other than aerobic work the past month or so (running-wise). I did run a little bit faster than the 10K in Dec but really had problems with side stitches again which really slows me down. I ran 41:19 but really didn't feel very good. I was 8th overall woman but only fourth in my AG, tough going! I did run a little faster at a lower average heart rate so I guess that means my engine is improving, who knows. I'm starting my Peak Performance program with this week, 18 weeks out from Florida 70.3. Decided to scrap IM Coeur d'Alene due to the Dane's heavy work commitments and will do IM Florida in Nov which we're already signed up for. We may do Buffalo Springs 70.3 in June instead which is pretty competitive and does have a few Kona slots. So, I have a schedule to follow now but am quite sore today so today's run will get moved to tomorrow. We have a 1/2 marathon this coming Sunday which I'm looking less forward to after this 10K but it's just a long-run workout.