Sunday, November 29, 2009

IM Coz

Yup, I'm not there. First IM I've signed up for and not done. Feels really strange to pull up athlete tracker on, see your name and not see any splits. Looks like very, very favorable current for the swim, of course I miss THIS race. Either way, can't rate a race you didn't do. On a good note, I feel the hammy has really done some good healing the last couple weeks. Mostly because I haven't done much of anything. I have been swimming 2-3 times per week, mostly pulling (hoping my shoulder holds up) and riding easy. I'll take it over doing nothing....I don't have the mentality for that! I'm 3 1/2 months from my last run and really feel I'll be back to jogging in December which I'm so looking forward to! On a brighter note, the Dane has been a racing machine! He did the 10K run at the Turkey Trot and did about what was expected, another mug in the cupboard. Then another race on Sat night, 5K run and it was cold. He did really well there, sub 19:30 run on sore legs. He's running well and I'm hoping to run! Crazy and I'm ready to be DONE spectating! I do think I've got a head start on the aerobic bike miles, core strength and quality swim yards. Maybe I'll exit this catastrophic injury better.... I sure hope! Keeping the chin up and feeling hopeful, what more could you want this time of year!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big, big weekend

Me and Linda, now a World Champ!

The Dane and me on our fun weekend

Cassie, the stud World Champ and fun chick!

Do I need to label this! Rinney and Julie Dibens, these chicks are the best!

This weekend was huge. The triathlon world was zeroed in to our little spot on the planet, Clearwater Beach. Also, my brother ran his first half marathon in San Antonio, TX and did really well. Wish we could have been there but I wouldn't have missed the festivities here at home for the world (sorry Mike). I couldn't race because of the hamstring injury (which is finally getting better, I think) so being a spectator is something I throw my whole heart and sole into. I had some friends out there racing so was really amped to cheer as much as possible (and have the hoarse voice to prove it). Short story, it started out with dinner with Crowie (won IM Hawaii x 2) and Rinney (second woman/marathon record at IM Hawaii) at one of our local eateries thanks to Shimano and Outspokin. A real fun time to chat with people who race really, really fast and catch up with Crowie (with whom we had dinner prior to his first win at Clearwater 70.3 in '06). That was an awesome way to start the race weekend. The swim was altered due to concerns over the Gulf being super rough with remnants of TS Ida but the race went on with all professionalism possible. Anyhow, it was an awesome day and I'm happy to say that I have two friends who are AG world champs - Linda and Cassie you chicks rock!! I actually became friends with the winner of the women's race overall, Julie Dibens, what a performance and "not a one trick pony" - quote from her disc wheel. She dominated and was the first women to break 4 hours for the distance - truly awesome to see and a great champion!! The after party was, in the words of Rinney, "fricken awesome". Whew. I have lots of pictures, most are not fit for viewing - you know the party was good then!
I want to tell you about a girl. I had the privilege of meeting said girl three years ago while I was training for my first IM Hawaii. She is a legend in triathlon in this area and, if you're competitive in triathlon in this area, you know who Linda Musante is. I got back into the sport after some years away and knew the name. Here, it's like Dave Scott or Mark Allen - you hear the name but you never actually get to meet the person. Well, I got to meet her on a ride (thanks to Tim H). She was everything I imagined and much more. I have known a lot of smart, cool, fast people in my life but this girl was truly different. She is one of the most competitive and tough people I've ever known. She also has one of the biggest hearts. We are terribly similar in a lot of ways, one of the differences is that she is now, finally, a World Champion. She is one of the most deserving individuals I can imagine. I am not starting a Linda Fan Club, I am just so aware of what she has gone through since her death-defying bike crash in the summer of '08. She could have died, she could have given up but that's not what she's made of. She didn't start back "training" until several months after the accident, and by "training", I mean moving her body after the bruising was gone. She got right back on the bike like a champion does, even though she looked over her left shoulder more often than before. I say all this because she came back from a devastating crash and won her age group on Saturday. We tried like Hell to help her train, the run was her worry. I couldn't run train with her so the Dane ran the course at a pace we all felt that she should/would need to do to win. I told her she is going to win at Clearwater, she didn't want to believe me. I kept telling her, over and over. Bottom line, she came off the bike with a lead, as she often does, and ran her way to a world championship. I'm hoarse but it's worth it! We are so proud of Linda. I'm happy to have a friend like her and hope that one day I too , can accomplish half of what she has! Bravo girl, we love ya! Cheers

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

IM Florida craziness

This is one (main) reason I don't want to go back to IM Florida. The drafting/cheating is rediculous! Check it out...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pre Clearwater buzz

Getting ready to SUP on IRB, it's cool out!

The Dane gets the heavy lifting today

That is one tall board! Or I'm short!

Well, now the triathlon world is going to be focused on Clearwater Florida. Fun for us, a major pain for those locally that don't give a damn about triathlon! Since we reside within running distance of the race, we'll be out on course all day long cheering on all the hard working athletes (on mtn bikes). I go back and forth between starting the race and just doing the swim, and doing the swim and bike and not doing any of it. I actually feel I've FINALLY turned at bit of a corner with the injury and only because I've learned the difference between pain and discomfort - something which I have never had to think about. Pain is something that I've learned to disregard, which, ironically, leads me to where I am now! I suppose that being more "in tune" with the inner workings/pains of my body will benefit me in my training/ racing/recovering down the road. I will not be toeing the line on Saturday, I know myself too well and I will likely try and "run" somewhere along the way and set myself back another 12 weeks. Ugh, my sanity cannot handle that! I do, on the other hand, have friends that will be racing. I'll be out there as the loudest cheerleader! I love that we have a World Championship race here and may not be here forever so we have to take advantage of it! So, when you see the crazy group of people at the top of the Memorial Causeway bridge with bells, whistles and lots of antics, it's us and we're just trying to give you our energy! Enjoy Clearwater!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Swim new sport

Video is just our beautiful venue at Carlouel. Can't beat it!

So, I've finally come to the realization that I won't be back to running any time real soon and am backing off the hard cycling and some of the swim sets. Tried a jog on Monday and had pain, bummed. I have really backed off this week with the hard cycling, just doing easy power crank rides, swimming and weights (core and upper body most). I think this is having a good effect because the Jog on Monday didn't set me back as much as two weeks ago. I am hard headed but eventually I catch on! We had an open water social swim race on Sat up at Carlouel. The week temps were so warm this past week that the water temp actually bumped back up to 80 degrees. The Dane, Linda M and I brought wetsuits anyway - I always get cold and I have this pipe dream that I may get a miraculous cure before Clearwater 70.3 race! So, we wore wetties but nobody else did. Linda needed to practice in hers as she IS racing Clearwater and hasn't done much swimming in it (she swam great, expect great result at Clearwater from her). We had a 1/4 mile swim first and that was over quickly which was nice. Then the long walk down to the start of the 1.2 mile swim, seemed forever. Went well though, I actually PR'd for me at that distance (with a bit of a current) at 29 and change. Also, have another household trophy, thanks only to the Dane's poor sense of navigation! Damn, why can't I race! Very frustrating but good to know my swim training is going pretty well. We had a celebrity appearance by Cassie M who is also racing Clearwater (won the AG a couple years ago) so fun to catch up with her. Overall, super fun event and venue for swimmers and triathletes to test themselves. Much thanks to Leo. The next event will be an SUP, swim, beach run race on Dec 5th - praying I can run some by then (or I'll get a pinch runner). Athletes are starting to show up for Clearwater 70.3 now which is exciting. Wish I could race but I've accepted my current lot in life. Could be worse, could be snowing!