Sunday, November 01, 2009

Swim new sport

Video is just our beautiful venue at Carlouel. Can't beat it!

So, I've finally come to the realization that I won't be back to running any time real soon and am backing off the hard cycling and some of the swim sets. Tried a jog on Monday and had pain, bummed. I have really backed off this week with the hard cycling, just doing easy power crank rides, swimming and weights (core and upper body most). I think this is having a good effect because the Jog on Monday didn't set me back as much as two weeks ago. I am hard headed but eventually I catch on! We had an open water social swim race on Sat up at Carlouel. The week temps were so warm this past week that the water temp actually bumped back up to 80 degrees. The Dane, Linda M and I brought wetsuits anyway - I always get cold and I have this pipe dream that I may get a miraculous cure before Clearwater 70.3 race! So, we wore wetties but nobody else did. Linda needed to practice in hers as she IS racing Clearwater and hasn't done much swimming in it (she swam great, expect great result at Clearwater from her). We had a 1/4 mile swim first and that was over quickly which was nice. Then the long walk down to the start of the 1.2 mile swim, seemed forever. Went well though, I actually PR'd for me at that distance (with a bit of a current) at 29 and change. Also, have another household trophy, thanks only to the Dane's poor sense of navigation! Damn, why can't I race! Very frustrating but good to know my swim training is going pretty well. We had a celebrity appearance by Cassie M who is also racing Clearwater (won the AG a couple years ago) so fun to catch up with her. Overall, super fun event and venue for swimmers and triathletes to test themselves. Much thanks to Leo. The next event will be an SUP, swim, beach run race on Dec 5th - praying I can run some by then (or I'll get a pinch runner). Athletes are starting to show up for Clearwater 70.3 now which is exciting. Wish I could race but I've accepted my current lot in life. Could be worse, could be snowing!