Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sick of being injured

So, in my over-eagerness to be competitive and train with some intensity, I managed to tweak the hammy last Sunday on the road bike. I just HAD to bridge a gap that I saw in the line and didn't even think about it. Duh. I did jog on Monday but couldn't on Thursday, didn't want to push through any hammy discomfort. I'm wondering when I'm going to be able to do any consistent running. On a good note, my house that I'm selling is under contract and we'll be staying in Belleair for now. My office got moved about 6-7 miles further from home so my commute got longer, not enjoyable at all. Christmas will be rather quiet due to the bad economy affecting the Dane's work but we'll be together so that is good. We've truly had an "offseason" going to parties and sleeping in, really getting out of shape. My main goal is to avoid excessive weight gain while I'm on this eternal injury break which I've done pretty well with. Hoping that everyone is as happy with as little as we are.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Still healing..

Well, I've had just about enough "down" time with this stupid injury. But, through the wise advice from my good friend Linda and the Dane, I have to realize that I didn't really start my healing/down time until about 8 weeks after I got injured. So, I guess I'm only 2 months into the healing and not 4. Either way, the rest of my body is fine and I've had so many sleeps of 10+ hours that the overtraining has worn off now. Didn't know I could sleep that much, wowzers. At any rate, I can do everything pain-free, except run, of course. Tried a jog/walk on Tuesday and still had more discomfort than I was comfortable ignoring so I stopped. I've been doing lots of walking, some swimming and riding aerobically. I'm able to ride the road bike now without any problem too. If I seem to be obsessed with this, I am. I hate being injured when everyone else is going through our "running" season and spectating is really getting old. I have thought that one of my goals for next year is to try an off-road ultramarathon - nothing crazy, just 30K or even 50K if I can get the miles in. That would be the reward for being down for so long. I don't think I'll try and tackle any Ironmans next year, keep it short and get some speed back which will take a long time. The only thing I'm signed up for right now is New Orleans 70.3 (signed up the week after the race, loved it so much). Hoping I can be healthy enough even for that at this stage! It may be longer before I'm able to sustain any consistent running. I'm rehabbing as much as I can and doing lot's of dryland for core and all that which should help in the long run. Hoping I'll come out of this stronger in other areas. We'll see.