Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sick of being injured

So, in my over-eagerness to be competitive and train with some intensity, I managed to tweak the hammy last Sunday on the road bike. I just HAD to bridge a gap that I saw in the line and didn't even think about it. Duh. I did jog on Monday but couldn't on Thursday, didn't want to push through any hammy discomfort. I'm wondering when I'm going to be able to do any consistent running. On a good note, my house that I'm selling is under contract and we'll be staying in Belleair for now. My office got moved about 6-7 miles further from home so my commute got longer, not enjoyable at all. Christmas will be rather quiet due to the bad economy affecting the Dane's work but we'll be together so that is good. We've truly had an "offseason" going to parties and sleeping in, really getting out of shape. My main goal is to avoid excessive weight gain while I'm on this eternal injury break which I've done pretty well with. Hoping that everyone is as happy with as little as we are.


Terrytri20 said...

Merry Christmas! Ryan really enjoys cycling with you and the Dane! I wish I could get up to Linda's level and bike with you guys...but there's a goal for 2010 ! Happy New Year, Terry and Ryan Repp