Monday, December 19, 2011

Jacksonville Marathon rant

To begin with, if you want to run a marathon, especially a first marathon, this one is ideal. I've been racing for most of my life and have seen a lot of shows. This is top shelf. Sort of small but really well run and enjoyable on all levels.....well, until about mile 18 but that's my story.

So, I did put my "if everything goes well" goal out there in my last report. It was 3:10 which I felt I had to have a great day for. I was healthy going in which is quite a feat for this old gal with all the injuries I've had just the past few years (just torn hammy, calf and broken ribs in 24 months). The morning dawned quite cool, for us, and breezy. Wind was evident and we were aware it was going to be in our face on the return trip (out and back course). I didn't commit enough to my early pacing (I was warned this would be my downfall. Hate when people who know me are so right!). I felt like I needed to make good tracks early on in the tailwind to make up for the headwind we were sure to face coming back. I felt great. It felt easy. Got through the 1/2 marathon in like 1:31:xx. Ok, I thought. I was catching people pretty steadily. I started being pretty aware of my quads and calves around mile 15-17. My wonderful college roomie and family were at mile 16 cheering loudly and I was re-inspired. That lasted awhile mentally, less so physically. My legs were not holding up to the distance at all. I really started to crack around 17-18. Tried to pick it up between 19-20 as people (gals) started catching and passing me (was 5th female overall for a while, ended up 9th). Eventually, everyone began passing me. This was extremely humbling. I had to walk just to prevent falling in a heap on the road several times the last 5K. I stumbled onto the track for a 3:13 finish. Got passed in the last 1/2 mile for Masters title, that stings when there is no response from the legs. Won the age group as did the Dane so we were super happy with that. He had a super race in 3:09 - didn't collapse quite like me!
The early pacing mistake was not ego. It was fitness. I've studied the Garmin file, contained for your entertainment (no posers here) and I think if I would've held back a bit earlier, I would not have had to walk later. I guess. My first marathon, I have a lot of questions and lessons. I will say this was harder than any of the six Ironman's I have completed. A way different being, racing a marathon. I respect this distance on a different level now. We will plan to register for Boston 2013 and I will plan my training differently for Boston. Jacksonville Marathon was conceptualized sitting on the beach with the Dane and Linda M while I was injured during the summer (torn calf). Linda ignited something within me to do this distance because, I am a runner after all (?posing as a triathlete?;)). She inspired me to want to experience Boston. So, onto Boston we will go, 2013. We are very glad that we don't have to do this again until 4/13. Totally crippled!

The good: (in no order)
-I can run and train for a marathon and not get injured (few close calls!)
-The more I look at my Garmin file, the tougher I knew I was - should've walked in the last couple miles, ouch!
-Stayed healthy through the training (most miles run post-college)
-Hey, I won my AG in my first marathon!
-Got to spend quality time with my all time BFF from college and her killer 2-year old twins/family
-I was tough, see above

The bad (lessons learned): (also, in no order)
-Eager early kills!
-Missed a couple aid stations early, likely not a factor but one never knows
-Maybe peek at the heart rate now and then to see how HIGH it was
-Need to build high-end aerobic engine more
-The household marathon trophy goes to the Dane......until 4/13 :)
-I cannot walk today and may, in fact, tear the towel rack off the wall in front of the toilet...think amongst yourselves
-Walking is NEVER acceptable when race number is attached to one's attire

The ugly:
See bad, above

The offy is in full effect. Bring on the holidays........and getting back on the bike and back in the pool. But, I digress.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marathon week

I've never uttered those words in my life.....weird! I'm excited......and scared! It's gonna hurt, I know it. I'm good at hurting. We'll see. Goal is BQ (Boston qualifier, Mother). I think on a perfect day I can go 3:10. Gives me a LOT of wiggle room for BQ. My first open (non-Ironman) marathon should be interesting! I'll let you know!


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Turkey Trot and Autumn Fest fun!

Oh boy, did I have a couple of races I didn't train for! And they hurt a ton. I got my hurt box well prepped for Jax Marathon in two weeks and glad for it. Great

Turkey Trot 10K pain

Autumn Fest 5K pain...(2 days after the above pain)

Oh boy, did I have a couple of races I didn't train for! And they hurt a ton. Won Masters for Turkey Trot which was big goal (and 4th overall with winner being Oly Trials Marathon qualifier). I got my hurt box well prepped for Jax Marathon in two weeks and glad for it. I am healthy and ready to hurt for 26.2 which I am expecting. Don't want to jinx anything so no race plan or pacing gonna be seen here but let's just say I plan for 20 miles of patient and 10k of PAIN! Wish me the best, I'll need it!! Burgers and beers afterwards, for sure!