Sunday, October 21, 2012

October running

Still progressing with the run mileage.  I've now been able to string together a couple 30+ mile weeks which is good coming off the hammy strain.  I am about 95% totally well but still some awareness of adductor on same leg.  I'm hyper-aware of that leg so likely it's just in my head.  Otherwise, feeling well and wanting to do a bit of tempo work to get some fitness for Turkey Trot - may try this week doing some tempo, we'll see.  The aerobic run fitness is coming along, the body just wants to go faster now which is encouraging.  Unfortunately, I've temporarily lost my run partner as the Dane has been dealing with some heel pain that he needs to get resolved.  He raced Suncoast Tri yesterday and did great but it left him hobbled today.  He'll be out for a week or two but it is something that really needs to be addressed now, 6 mos out from Boston.  My run race goals now are to get in some sort of reasonable fitness to defend Masters at Turkey Trot 10K then maybe Holiday Halfathon (half marathon) in early December.  I ran 10+ today so should be able to swing a half marathon by then provided there are no setbacks.  We are still putting in 3-4 swim days per week as well which is good cross-training with fun Masters group.  So, onto another week of staying healthy and building mileage.  Luckily, Fall has finally arrived!  Cheers.