Monday, October 22, 2007


I have realized that after my 10 1/2 hours of solid sleep last night, I guess I am ready for taper. I was going to do my Tuesday swim this morning, but could not get out of bed. That's ok, supposed to take today off anyway (something I'm not good at, days off training). We had some inclimate weather this weekend so had to juggle workouts a bit which isn't really a big deal. We've been lucky not to be rained out any weekends since beginning this training cycle 18 weeks ago. We have had some rain on the long rides but nothing to cut the workouts short. I ran a couple times last week without any problems. I will just do normal running during taper and hope I don't have the pain in my right glut area return during the marathon. We'll see. I feel good overall. I am tired with some accumulated leg fatigue but that is normal at this point. Nothing a good, focused taper cannot fix! I'll keep trying to get really solid sleep, nutrition and stretching the next couple weeks as well. Go Rockies!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kona week!

Firstly, I want to wish all those lucky soles in Kona best of luck. I, for one, will be glued to my computer watching all day. Can't wait. I also want to admit I'm quite jealous after having been there last year. But, I didn't do a qualifier for this year so I guess I can't complain too loudly. I love reading all the blogs of the pro's who actually post, it's quite fun. I especially enjoy Michellie's and Rutger Beke's.
Well, the work continues on this end trying to get back to Kona! We did the final seven hour ride last Sat (actually ended up with 7:16, but who's counting) and logged 132 miles. Then a four mile brick in 90+ temperature which I took out way too hard and the old glycogen-depleted body made me slow down the last couple miles. It was hard but got it done. Still shortening some of the runs due to a little upper hammy pain but this is improving. My swimming is going really well. I'm always amazed how much yardage I'm able to do week in and week out along with some solid speed sessions. Hope it all pays off! Looking forward to taper in another week and a half. Go Rockies!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Getting closer...

I have strung together some really good, hefty (time-wise) weeks of training. The only problem is that I have missed my regular massage over the past month. I just got out of routine for one reason or another and it's hard to get back onto her schedule since she is quite popular! Anyway, I was rolling along just fine until during the long run last week (8 days ago), had some pain upper hamstring which I had to ignore and finish my run. Ran again on the Monday and had some pain but figured it was nothing to worry about. Ran speedwork on Wednesday and had a little pain during cool-down but no problem running fast. Thursday morning's run I had to cut short and come home nearly limping (still got nine miles in). Did a lot of stretching between Thursday and Sunday and did all my other workouts without any issues. Sunday's plan was a 3 hour run which I was pretty sure I didn't want to attempt for fear of real injury. Ran five miles instead with no pain or limping. Have a massage today which will really help. Next run is Wednesday so we'll see how it goes. Training is going great otherwise. I'm pretty tired and looking forward to taper!! I am really confident about my fitness and the most important thing right now is to get to the starting line healthy! Cheers....