Saturday, February 28, 2009

kickin' it

Old school, that is. Put new music on, from times where I felt I could do anything (athletically). I would put up more, except my mind is a bit scattered. Good week, though it's not over. Sunday is forecasted to be horrible weather for us babies here in Florida. I'll ride in some rain but not thunderstorms and 40mph winds. Anyhow, got in some hill (read bridge) repeats on the run this week. Long run up to 11 miles at good clip also. The hip pain is certainly better - bothers me more in bed when I roll on it than running! Good signs. I fear I'm starting back running a bit late for 70.3 race in 5 weeks but you never know. I like the old school music because it reminds me of a time in my life that I was fearless. Trying to regain that a bit for this year.
I got smoking hot new aerobars - 3T Brezza. My first ride on them today and they were very nice. Different position for sure but they are very nice. Too bad I left my good legs at home today! We had planned a "race rehearsal" ride/brick today but the ride was a bit slower than I would have liked. The brick, well, it was just hard. I had no legs today but managed a six mile brick at about 7:20 pace - slower than I want to race at 70.3 but I'm working on it. The Dane, well, he's Hell to keep up with anymore. Except in the pool. Our "speed Wednesday" in the pool was a broken mile (short course) - 3 x 550 with 30 sec between, add up the time, blah blah. I did quite well (for me.. 22:xx) and am happy with where my swimming is. We keep wanting to do an open water swim but these cold fronts are really churning up the water and making it difficult to get in any swimming. Maybe next weekend. I won't even bring up the pollen issue! It's making my life pretty miserable! So, a little recovery from today's workout and the next goal is Belleair Classic 10K on Sat - my run speedwork for the week. I'll post pics of new cockpit, have to eat now!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gettin' healed

Another really good training week in the books. I didn't fair as badly riding in the hills on Saturday as last week, always good. The Dane was more aware not to leave me out there on my own. Must have been something I said! It was cold at start there but we were there when many others weren't, hopefully this will pay off down the road. We did 70 miles in the hills Sat then a pretty hard ride today, the hard part at threshold working on TT pace/effort/power. Ran off the bike today, 4 miles again, a little faster than last week but effort the same on REALLY tired legs. I did manage a long run this week, just about 10 miles. I visited the podiatrist on Monday and bitched about my right hip killing me and it must be the orthotics because I didn't have this problem prior. He made an adjustment on my right orthotic and I'm feeling better with the hip pain. It's not gone but it's definitely better. He told me to keep running so I adjust accordingly, just not fast - I told him not to worry, I don't run fast in training! So, hoping to have a pain-free body in the next couple weeks.......yeah, right! I do need to get in some long runs, I figure up to 12 or so, prior to New Orleans 70.3 which is in 6 weeks. I can't believe it, 6 weeks! We have never done a long tri this early so it'll be interesting. One thing is for sure, the Dane is in really great shape. He's pulling the group along today at 28mph.....then accelerates leaving us all gasping amongst ourselves. Then he runs so fast that I surely cannot keep up with him on the brick. I'm happy to have the training version (as opposed to the traveling version) of him back! At least I can still whip him in the pool! So, we'll keep plugging along. I would say more here but this is all we do - work, sleep, eat, train. I wouldn't have it any other way! Aloha.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines day

So, we had a lovely Valentines Day together, smelling the fresh, cool spring air. Riding in the hills today was special. Haven't been up there for 3 weeks and I felt each hill dig into my sad, sorry quads. The Dane, on the other hand, is in another league right now. We had a small 6-people group so no hiding on this 75 mile venture. 75 miles, why am I riding this far - I'm only training for a 1/2 ironman for crying out loud. The Dane left me out on the road with the rest of the group but I got some good steady state TT training in by my lonesome Well, I may not be able to run in New Orleans, but I'll sure be able to swim and ride. ! I set 2 PR's for 200y in the pool this week (n the same set) so I feel really good about my swim training. My "hip" was killing me after the duathlon on Sunday so I saw my massage guru who made it even worse! We figured out it's my TFL (tensor fascia lata) insertion on the iliac crest that is hurting so much. I ran 4 miles on Thursday and flared it right back up. I only have 7 weeks til New Orleans 70.3 (now dubbed the biggest 70.3 in the world.........and I'm in the last wave, lovely). I have to run now, no more time to take off. Decided all my runs now will be quality, no "junk" miles. I will work on pelvic stabilization also, hoping that will help cure me of this nagging torture. We'll see. We have another hard ride tomorrow which I'd like to say I'm looking forward to but not right now!
So, I hope everyone has a more romantic V-day than us! We'll be sleeping (really) early!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Chilly Willy Duathlon....and the REAL race

The first multisport race of the season is done, thank God. It was ugly and painful, supposed to be I guess. I have managed to lose a lot of run fitness in my run break and it showed today. What showed more was my complete lack of power on the bike. I was really disappointed with my bike today but I realize that I've been working really hard on the bike over the past few weeks and I was really tired-legged. No excuses, just a "C" race anyway. I failed to win my fourth title here but lost to a very quality competitor, Rachel Chambers, who is racing as a professional in duathlon this year and a really nice girl. I managed to squeak out second overall thanks to my being pissed off on the second 5K run (because of my bad bike) and having to run down two girls who passed in me in T2. I definitely didn't feel anything close to good today but I really competed as well as I could and was happy with my overall effort. The Dane did really well, after he collected himself after a not-so-spectacular first 5K! He killed the bike (on his new-ish Cervelo P3) and went on the finish 7th overall for the men (second in his AG by a sliver). We had a good time and got to see a bunch of folks that we haven't seen for a while which is one of the many reasons this sport is so cool. Val from Outspokin was awesome as the sponsor and, in doing so, this race has grown to be the second biggest duathlon in the country (second to the national championship). Thanks also, of course, to Fred and Joe as RD's putting on another most excellent event! They are really top notch and put on, I think, the best and most organized multisport races in the country. I also have to mention something that has been foremost in my mind all weekend. Wendy J. of MSM (great race director) suffered a very serious medical event this week. She is doing the REAL race, the race for life. We did a moment of silence for Wendy today and I thought about her often during my race. I'm doing something that she couldn't do today and I wanted to make the most of it. I also want to mention that Wendy gave me entries into her races before she ever met me - she believed in me and wanted me in her races and believe me, that goes a long way in my heart. So, lots of prayers for Wendy.
Anyhow, I have some hip pain now from my new orthotics and need to deal with this and get this better. I don't think it's anything serious, just may need to take a couple runs off -something I hate, of course. On a good note, the achilles feels fine and trust me, I tested it today! Congrats to all who raced today and toughed it out!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Come on springtime!

Frost everywhere

More frost

That's why I'm doing this - Computrainer love

It's been a cold winter by central Florida's standards and my standards! Managed to get in some really solid training though. Trying to break in my new orthotics and I'm having a lot of hip soreness, all muscle though so I'm hopeful I'll get through it! Did a long run of 7.3 miles this week though - woo hoo! I have a long way to go and only 9 weeks until IM New Orleans 70.3! On a good note, the swim is going quite well and I'm definitely getting stronger on the bike. Spent 90 minutes on the trainer yesterday morning (hence the picture) doing endurance intervals then a quick 4 mile brick most at 7 min/mile pace. We did a tri-geek group ride today and it was chilly for sure! The Dane and his mates were really putting down the pace after a nice 20 mile warm-up (even after he chased Spencer Smith down Sand Key yesterday) but I had good time to sit at my threshold power which was hard but I'm learning how to make myself suffer more on the bike (something I have no trouble doing on the run). I'm hopeful by the end of August this will pay dividends, not sure how much prior to that.
So the Tampa Bay area is wild with the Super Bowl in town and we are staying in - plenty of beer in the fridge! Go Cards!