Sunday, February 01, 2009

Come on springtime!

Frost everywhere

More frost

That's why I'm doing this - Computrainer love

It's been a cold winter by central Florida's standards and my standards! Managed to get in some really solid training though. Trying to break in my new orthotics and I'm having a lot of hip soreness, all muscle though so I'm hopeful I'll get through it! Did a long run of 7.3 miles this week though - woo hoo! I have a long way to go and only 9 weeks until IM New Orleans 70.3! On a good note, the swim is going quite well and I'm definitely getting stronger on the bike. Spent 90 minutes on the trainer yesterday morning (hence the picture) doing endurance intervals then a quick 4 mile brick most at 7 min/mile pace. We did a tri-geek group ride today and it was chilly for sure! The Dane and his mates were really putting down the pace after a nice 20 mile warm-up (even after he chased Spencer Smith down Sand Key yesterday) but I had good time to sit at my threshold power which was hard but I'm learning how to make myself suffer more on the bike (something I have no trouble doing on the run). I'm hopeful by the end of August this will pay dividends, not sure how much prior to that.
So the Tampa Bay area is wild with the Super Bowl in town and we are staying in - plenty of beer in the fridge! Go Cards!