Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's been a while....for a reason

So, I've been in a blog fog for a while.  Truth be told, I came out of St Athony's with an achilles problem.  Took 4 weeks off, blah, blah.  Decided, when I can get back to running, that's all I want to do.  Problem is, we already signed up for Top Gun sprint triathlon 7/28.  No problem, I thought, I'll be over that injury with a little down time.  Well, took longer than that.  Of course, I'm not 18 anymore (thank God).  I really just started making progress with the achilles within the last two weeks.  Problem is, I found that riding the triathlon bike (hard) seemed to seriously aggravate the achilles, so......I stopped riding.  All riding.  All we have been doing since late April is swim (three times per week, nothing crazy here), and base running.  By base running, what I mean is easy, slow runs ranging from 4 miles to (now) 12 averaging from 8-9minute pace.  Yup, BASE running.  No speed work.  Trying to get the achilles to be happy with easy running, that's my only goal.  Doing my rehab (self-prescribed) compliantly, I have improved by afraid to push pace.  Put it clear, not ready to all.  Physically mostly, or mentally.  But, I did.
Top Gun Sprint Tri.
Haven't done this race in at least four years, guessing.  Summer race, hot, slow, not in shape.  I'm less injured than I was which is very good!  Racing a sprint tri when not trained is extremely painful!  Its one thing to do when in good shape - swim, bike, run; entirely different when none of the above has actually been trained.  No worries, willing to take my place on whatever step happens, I toe the beach.  Lovely day to race, nice and hot!  Love the race, directors, course!  Went out on the swim and tripped over the sand bar that I knew was there but, again, lack of preparation!  Short swim (1/4 mile) and got out second in wave (female 45+) so, good start, I thought!  Worried about the achilles the whole run to bike.  Felt it, for sure but not enough to pull the pin so, kept moving on.  The bike for me was not anything to enjoy.  Torture, in fact.  Running base pace mileage does not prepare one for riding at redline pace in a sprint tri......just wanted to make sure that point was put across.   So, anyway, got off the bike without complete meltdown and off I run.  And run.  Didn't know I could run the way I did but I guess instinct takes over.  Second best run split in the female race, won overall Masters.  Crazy and unexpected.  Happy that my body remembered how to race.  But, will plan to be better prepared in the future.
Goal.....Boston Marathon '13.  All I can think about now.  Long ways away but need to get there healthy.  That's the plan.
I also want to mention one source of motivation for me is my big sis who has just done her first 5K!  She loved it so much, she did another!  The genes, baby!!!!