Sunday, February 18, 2007


I know, it's nothing compared to you sorry souls north of where I am but for us, it was downright cold. Coldest ride of the winter on Saturday. If you dress right, it's not so bad but my poor feet always suffer no matter how much protection I give them. Anyway, did 3.5 hour ride with a 30 minute brick on Sat which was pretty good. Sunday was a 11.2 mile (1:35) run in the 20-30 mph winds, then a short swim (cut short because I was freezing) then weights. All in all, a good training weekend. Feel pretty tired but that's what's supposed to happen. The Dane was with me for all the workouts as usual and we suffered the cold together! So anyhow, more base training to come and hopefully, not much more cold temps! We'll be following the Tour of California on Versus for the next couple weeks, itching to watch some good bicycle racing again! Stay warm.....
P.S. I'm really not that heavy! All those clothes are not flattering to the figure!


emmyfrailing said...

I can't tell you how sorry I am that you're so cold! I went to get gas this a.m. and the little gas door didn't open.... covered with a sheet of ice! Came home and poured boiled H2O over it... voila! but I do know how cold it is where you are when it's cold, especially with das vind. Will check out the Tour of CA. And you look great no matter what. And of course looking great is better than........! Hang in there.
Love, Madre

Cyndi said...

What happened to your Gators on Tuesday night?? Looks like the Vols ate 'em up ;) Andrew went to that game, the best game he has every been to, basketball speaking. I'll talk to you this weekend.

Love you,