Sunday, April 13, 2008

Escape From Fort Desoto Sprint Tri

Can't believe I've crammed two races and some solid training into a six day span. I was a bit nervous about this race for several reasons. There are always some fast women here, I know a lot of people racing and I had some hard training days this week and didn't know how the legs would shake out. Well, I did ok, second overall female and got another Master's award. Every time I gripe about being old, I like to think of the Master's awards I've been racking up, kinda nice. I had a good warm up run/bike. I had some ART (active release) on Friday after work and this really helped my hammy's, I think. I only had a partial treatment since I was racing the next day but I will definitely get more treatments even though it's painful. The swim was a little tricky - long run out over the sand bar which sends the old heart into anaerobic nirvana! We had a current to swim against so it seemed pretty long. I concentrated on keeping my arm tempo really high like coach Seth preaches and it paid off. I got through the endless droves of prior waves with ease and just plugged along. All in all, a really good swim for me. It's about time because I have been really working on this. Onto the bike and the legs argued with me a bit. I had a rough go but just tried to keep the watts up and ignore the pain. Average bike but I didn't lose any placing, just time to the leader. On the run, I had one speed - unfortunately, it was the same speed as last week but this was a shorter run and needed to be much faster! Guess running mile repeats on Thursday night might have a bit to do with that! I did feel strong as the run progressed onto the sand, I just couldn't catch anyone ahead - Sharon was absolutely gone! Much credit to her, she is a fierce competitor and raises my game every time we race! I had a much better race than I had here last year, gotta be happy with that. The positive I take from the race is that I had a pretty balanced effort, not super fast or slow on anything, just steady in each.
Rode in the hills today and felt decent for not having been there for about 5 months!
Another hard week this week then I'll ramp it down for St. Anthony's on the 27th. Rethinking the half ironman, may change to Rhode Island 70.3 in July instead of Kansas - gives us more time and likely will be more inviting. Gotta look at the calender. The Dane comes back home today, yeah!!
Kia Kaha.