Sunday, June 02, 2013

Marathon training......sort of

14 weeks out from BQ try in PA.  I have run, lets see, about 5 miles this week.  Where do I start.  I dove into the deep end, as I'm accustomed to, with training and have managed to aggravate my left hammy/adductor.  I had a couple decent speed workouts which I shouldn't have done in the first place.  Lesson learned.  Really, this time I have learned.  I promise.
So, from here on 'til
September, I just need to try and get in some miles.  I jogged a few miles today with some awareness but no pain to speak of.  I know what to do with this and will make it my job to do all the extra stuff and get where I need to be to add mileage.  And, NO speed work!
Turns out the only stand alone marathon I've ever done was the easiest to train for!  Thought that would continue but not so much.  I will persevere!

Turns out, I'm famous (helps to line up with the boys)!  This pic from latest SI.  Way to go Turkey Trot!
Never give up...


R.P.Cheap said...

Be of good cheer! Good luck.