Friday, November 02, 2007

More hurry up and wait

So, we're within 15 hours of starting IMFL. It's not glamorous, just sitting around waiting for the big hour when we get to reward ourselves with the race we've prepared for for so many weeks. Today consisted of a 15 minute open water swim right outside our condo. Then onto the bikes for a loop of the run course which went well. Then a quick 10 minute run with a few pick-ups. Nothing extravagant, just keeping the pipes open for the big day tomorrow. We dropped off the bikes and gear bags earlier this afternoon so all we have to do now is eat a healthy dinner, sit around some more and the try to get some sleep. I, surprisingly, slept really well last night.....good sign. I read that there are over 1,100 first-timers (also affectionately known as "iron virgins") in the race tomorrow - that's a lot! The weather continues to be "Chamber of Commerce" weather - absolutely beautiful! So, thanks to all who have sent well wishes, they mean a lot to me! I'll try and get a race report out quickly. Until then, ciao.