Sunday, January 25, 2009

Done spectating

All this and we live here!

A really good, cold (for Florida) week of training. I hope now that I'm ready for our "10 weeks to half ironman" program in prep for Ironman New Orleans 70.3. I'm really looking forward to this race. The earliest 70.3 race I've ever done and starts us in to an extremely busy/ambitious spring racing season. As it is, 3 races in April........hopefully. If I can remain healthy, that's the plan. My achilles is feeling really good after the running break and I'm ready to gradually build my run back to where it was. I'm now sure I made the right decision by taking the run break even though I was running really well. We rode 75 miles in the hills yesterday with the temperature at the start in the mid-30's, not pleasant. It did manage to warm nicely though and we had a really pleasant ride with a great group. Four mile run off the bike was a bit ugly but it is January after all! I'm feeling stronger on the bike and best ever for the "winter" on the bike. We've never really done rides consistently in the hills this early so it's a real coup to be able to get these rides in before it warms up. Since the bike is my weakness, it is always good to work on this in the "offseason". We'll see how this pans out as the year progresses. I'm not really going to expect much until my "A" race for the year, Ironman Canada, at the end of August. Obviously, if we qualify for Kona, that would be the "other" A-race in October. Cross that bridge if we get there! Another nice, chilly ride today with some TT (that means "time trial", mother) work in Trouble Creek but the legs were dead. I feel sufficiently tired today and don't have anything hard planned until my Wednesday date with the Computrainer..........I'll be ready! I will be ready for that bike ride come IM Canada, or die trying!!
Aloha and kia kaha