Sunday, October 02, 2011

11 weeks to go

Decided to run a marathon (my first non-Ironman marathon) during the last injury and, so far, it's been really enjoyable.  I have, in about four weeks time, gotten back to a really good aerobic run base.  I have had to escalate the long run rather quickly so that I can later do more specific work within the long run.  The goal is to not only get Boston qualifier but to do so with 20+ minutes to spare for early registration rights.  I have been within minutes of doing the goal time in an Ironman marathon (Hawaii, no less) so don't think it'll be impossible by any stretch.  I just want to stay healthy and run as well as possible on 12/18.  I'm thinking now I have enough time to get in some good mileage.  Got over 40 miles this week and won't generally go much over 50 per week as my injury risk is too high going over.  For me, quality miles makes all the difference so that is what I'm committing to.  How it turns out, we'll see.  Good thing is I'm healthy and getting fit.  Still swimming and lifting weights but haven't cycled in a few weeks.  Unfortunately, I am signed up for a sprint triathlon in three weeks and hope I don't totally forget HOW to ride a bike!  It's just for fun but will be seriously painful, I'm sure.  So, all good and loving running in the fall weather (yes, sometimes we get fall weather in FL)!  Will sit back and watch the drama roll out in Kona next Saturday and, no doubt, gain even more motivation!  That's good because long run goes to 15-16 miles next weekend!