Sunday, October 16, 2011

Keeping it together

Yup, still going. 9 weeks to go and still holding up. I have finally hit a 50+ mile run week which I haven't done since I was 22, if memory serves me. I suspect people think I run a lot of miles.....I don't! During most of the past 20 years of mostly doing triathlons, a 20-30 mile run week was solid for me! I have, luckily, been able to get by on this sort of mileage. During big run focus week for the seven Ironmans I've started, 40 miles was a big run week. But, when you add in all the cycling and swimming, that was about all I could handle! Also, now being a Masters athlete makes the game change as well. Training to race a marathon is not easy. It's fun and challenging but not easy. I have never done this. Training to survive a marathon in an Ironman is a completely different beast! It's much less fun and downright torture at times! I am actually liking this! I have niggles that pop up here and there but I have been running for so long that I usually know what the cause is and how to nip it in the bud. So far! One skill I've honed racing Ironmans is mental toughness. I think I will need all of that for the marathon. Since the run comes last in an Ironman and you have had to deal with so many challenges physically and mentally before the run, it is a real mind fuck out there! I'm not the most talented runner but I know I am very mentally tough. I think this will be very helpful to me in December. We'll see. The goal is to toe the line healthy which is a sure challenge in itself. The next goal is to get a Boston qualifier with a 20 minute buffer for first day registration. So far, so good.