Sunday, January 15, 2012

Marathon hangover

That's us "elites" just before race start...I'm hiding :)

I read someone say, I think it was Frank Shorter, once you forget about your last marathon, you're ready to race. Well, thinking we were "ready to race", we toed the line at the inaugural Polk County Komen Race for the Cure 10K on Saturday morning. Many thanks to Susan Daniels for thinking of me to attend! A great cause and a surprising number of runners for an inaugural event! Well done, just wished we had done something, anything, to prepare for it. For this year, they had an Elite start. Always up for a challenge, I sheepishly agreed to race elite. I forgot that I really haven't "trained" for about the past 6 weeks when you count marathon taper, marathon, marathon recovery. A long time, lots of cobwebs. And add on to that, I managed to somehow injure my foot on a shake out run the night before. I wasn't in a good place heading out to Lakeland. The Dane had been nursing a niggle in his achilles also so we were a real pair! We took it like true warriors and showed up. We are nothing to the true warriors and survivors of breast cancer that were reminders all morning long, so our issues seemed very small indeed! Warmed up and the foot was not happy but I had set a threshold for what I would tolerate and would pull out if I hit that point. The elite start ended up being somewhat of a who's who of local runners so my anxiety level went up! Not being sure whether I would even be able to race, I made light of the situation with the gals at the start. It was a small field and chilly (about 41*) and breezy so, if you got exposed, you ended up in no man's land! Gun goes off and I ended up in no man's land pretty quick! Reminding myself of the possible paycheck at the end ($100 for third), I had to fight like Hell to bridge back and pass the third place gal, Laure. Dropped a 6:15 fourth mile and got back up to the Dane and that damn near killed me! So, again, it was the Dane then me (he had to sprint to get me) but I managed to finish in 3rd. It was hard to do this off of no speed work or real training in the past six weeks but we are super motivated to move on! Time wasn't great but I didn't even know if I would be able to race. The foot is feeling better, it's a marathon sequelae sort of thing so will be watched closely. This will be a run focus year heading towards Boston Marathon 2013 and I'm super excited! Especially after watching the incredible performances in the Oly Trials Marathon yesterday after our rough race. Still doing some multisport but focus is on running for me in 2012. I can't wait!