Sunday, August 11, 2013

The good news and the bad news.......the bad news sucks

Well, I've finally gotten the results from my MRI done the end of June.  Not like I was avoiding it intentionally but I was sort of avoiding it, I guess.  I got a surprise a few days ago visiting my ortho when he said I have a tear in my acetabular labrum......and, oh btw some tendonitis in my hammy attachments.  I have in the past few days become an internet expert in the labrum tear territory,  so should you  This is the layman's address.  The bottom line, it's a real shit injury for a runner and the only fix is surgery.  Very avascular area and does not heal on its own.  Major bummer!
The good news, my ortho didn't see any reason I couldn't run my BQ attempt marathon in 4 weeks.  I will have pain.  Check.  I can and should take anti-inflammatories.  Check.  I hopefully won't do further damage.  We'll see.
I know exactly when this injury happened.  I didn't do it running, I did it in the pool, kicking vigorously on my side with fins.  I remember.  I want to forget.  This kept me out of the Boston Marathon this year.  I'll be damned if it keeps me out in 2014.  
The plan is in play.  Run a qualifier, preferably 10-20 faster than BQ to be sure to get a spot.  I think I am on track for that.  Ran 10 miles of M-pace or faster inside of the long run the heat.  Planning on cooler temps for LVH in four weeks but if it's hot, I'm ready!  I am keeping my race plan in play despite the diagnosis.  Don't care if I have to walk/jog Boston and get surgery afterwards, the plan is in play.
So, Advil is my friend and finding a PT to get me started with therapy will be a plus.  Could use any advise on a good local PT, by the way.
All in for Boston.....