Sunday, August 04, 2013

Why am I doing this....

I know why.  Today I suffered through more heat and humidity than I ever thought possible.  More than my two IM races in Kona, believe it or not!
I am trying to transform myself into a marathoner.  Unfortunately, I'm trying to do it in the "dog days of summer" in Florida.  I'm only doing this to get my BQ for Boston Marathon 2014 and get back.  Get back to what I couldn't accomplish in April.  Get back at the bombers.  Get ME back, uninjured and running free for something that means more than I can possibly scribe.
The plan today was simple on paper, 20 mile run.  No big deal, marathoners do it all the time.  I am on a 12 week marathon plan, racheting up the miles as I go.  On paper, seemed right.  Florida summer heat is brutal.  I'm small, handle heat well, no biggie.  Until about 15 miles.  This is where all the Ironman toughness was beneficial for me today.  Temp was 94* starting out at 6am, WTF.  I had to go to the little corners of the brain that keep telling you to 'just keep going'.  The Dane baled out early, he was cooked already and made the right call.  It was me and my thoughts.
Nothing has motivated me more in a long time than getting back to Boston.  I remember the bombs so vividly and that is all the motivation that drives me when I'm cooked on these hot Florida runs.  I have so many reasons to make this BQ happen.  I know others do too and I hope to meet up with them in Hopkinton in April '14.
5 weeks, I just HAVE to do this......