Monday, May 19, 2008

Back home

view from terrace
view from terrace
Willy, the Dane and me

The week went by like a flash and I wish I could have spent more time. But, the reality is that I have to return to work which will be tough. I was an awesome trip and meaningful in so many ways. Mostly, meeting the Dane's family and getting to know each other was fun. They are really nice people and seemed to embrace me very well. We're loosely planning to head back over the the holidays, I have to check how much vacation time I have! I have some more pics to share, these are from the terrace of the Dane's parents home, beautiful views! It was a little chilly but refreshing compared to being back in FL. Poor Dane got sick (?food poisoning) the night before we came back and is still not well but is a trooper. I felt so bad because I couldn't do anything for him except grab more barf bags on the plane. Anyway, safe and sound back home. We did get up to swim this morning which was ok despite being out of the water for 10 days! I will dive back into training mode this week and hopefully get some good sessions in on the bike. Thanks to everyone for the emails. The video is our hotel room in Copenhagen, cute 300 year old place!
kia kaha


martygaal said...

Hey Kathy,

did you and the Dane still want to come up for the clinic on June 28? There is a neat sprint race on June 29 (Sunday) down on Kure Beach which we're going to after the clinic.