Saturday, May 17, 2008

hello from Zurich

view from our hotel room in Zurich

Wow, what a beautiful city this is! We are only here for a day but really saw a lot just roaming around. I will put up some photos but they don't do it justice. I feel more comfy here than Vienna because it's easier to get around, more similar to Copenhagen. I liked Vienna just found it really confusing to get around. So much so, I ran on the treadmill which I hate to do but better than getting lost in a city where I cannot read signs or speak good enough German! Luckily, I had one of Anders' employee's wife to give me the guided walking tour. We really have had incredible weather also. That will likely end when we return to Copenhagen this afternoon where it will be chilly (for us, spring for them). Back home on Sunday, boo hoo. I has been a wonderful trip and I cannot wait to come back to Europe.
kia kaha