Thursday, June 05, 2008

hammy healing

Yup, I think I'm spontaneously healing. It shouldn't be too amazing, I spontaneously get injured all the time! Seriously though, I put together a nice training week last week which actually looked like an organized attempt to get fit enough for a 70.3 race (half ironman for you old schoolers) and I feel pretty good. I did note that the speed/tempo work seemed to aggrevate the hammy the most so I replaced that with hill repeats this week. Since the run course at Rhode Island 70.3looks anything but flat, I thought I would toss this in. Been riding in the hills, did 86 miles Sunday with 30 min brick which went amazingly well. The Dane wonders what I'm worried about, that I'm pretty fit but I just don't feel it for some reason. I look in my training log and don't see the weeks of 15-20 hours strung together and worry. Maybe I shouldn't. Who knows but we'll certainly find out 7/13! Fingers crossed. Mostly, gotta stay healthy to train for Kona!
Kia Kaha