Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold in FL

The record cold weather has really thrown off my return to decent "training". I had planned to get consistent in the pool again but when you show up and the water temp is 73 degrees when the air temp is 37 degrees, I aint swimming! I have done many swims in the cold but only when the water is warm. Hell, it is January and I don't even know when I'm going to be able to race a triathlon due the this damn hamstring so I'm not willing to risk hypothermia. I don't much care for riding when it's so cold either, so I've been quite cozy with the Computrainer. Today and last Sunday, I have managed to crank out a couple really hard threshold workouts. This is not something I would have done a year ago. It is such a mentally hard thing to do, especially on the trainer, seems to hurt more. I have gained a bit of confidence that I can sit there and tolerate the pain - something that can go a long way in races later this year, I hope. I did do three walk/jog workouts this week which is improvement, I guess. It's not enough for me when I realize I'm now 5 months out from the last real run before getting injured. Still can't believe I injured myself so thoroughly. I can't think about the past 5 months, I have to just progress at the speed the hamstring will allow me. I am only signed up for New Orleans 70.3 currently, which is in 14 weeks, but I'm not really confident that I'll even be able to race there. May be mid-summer prior to racing, I really don't know. It is definitely different than what I'm used to planning the racing season. Good things are, I've totally recovered from the overtraining. I'm more willing to sit on the trainer and really get into the hurt locker on the bike. I'm super motivated........well, that's not anything I've ever had trouble with. Hopefully, back to swimming this week when we get back to normal temps. Looking forward to that. Keeping positive!


KC said...

wow, that's an intersting comment above! thanks for leaving your positive comments and props with the training schedule, on my blog. means a lot coming from you! will def look into chilly willy du. when i lived close to the airport driving to ft. d wasn't so bad now i hate driving that far. i won't whine too much though b/c you guys drive to san ann from bellair. hope the pool warms up for you soon. this week is lookin' good. say hello to anders for me.