Sunday, May 09, 2010

The come back...part deux

I have avoided blogging about my hammy because I feel the fear of the jinx. When I was back "running" in January, it wasn't meant to be, hard to explain. I was not tuned into "awareness" vs "pain". Problem with me is I can tolerate a lot of any Ironman top age grouper, I suspect. I had a bunch of awareness but thought I was safe because it wasn't pain. It ended up being bad and I needed another 6-7-8 weeks off running. I quit keeping track, frankly. I am now about 9 months out from tearing my hammy and I think I have finally gotten better. I am progressing slowly with the running, as I should. I am up to 30 minutes of jogging which is pain-free and a dream! Now I want to train for something. Maybe a 70.3 at the late summer or something else. We'll see. The Dane really wants to qualify for IM 70.3 World Championships (and is in top shape to do so) here in Clearwater so that's what we'll do.....well, him not me! 2010 is an off year to get well and possible stronger than pre-injury. We'll see but I'm less depressed anyway and that is good for everyone around me! So......onward!
On a lighter note, we did get to SUP this weekend on some rough water! The water and the weather is finally warm so more fun to get out for sure. I plan to do an SUP race in a couple weeks so I'm sure I'll make a total ass of myself but it won't be the first time!