Sunday, May 02, 2010

Feels like summer now

Whew, finally feeling like summer in FL! Loving it to the max. We got to SUP on Friday evening with friends and the wind made it super challenging but fun just the same. Great workout for sure! Saturday was my unofficial first triathlon, though order of events was a bit off. Did cruisey ride with The Dane and Mary "Drag-ass" (her term), then open water swim with Val, Ann Marie and her Dane Dad (and my Dane, of course), then barefoot jog on the beach. I always remember why love running so much when I can run on the beach! Feeling blessed for sure. The hammy is coming along really well this time. I'm being extremely mindful and going along very slowly this time. I am completely out of shape because I had to let go totally (of bike fitness) to heal but I'll be back (in my Arnold accent)! Super motivated as usual but on a leash. Letting 2010 season go but don't write me off for the fall - if all goes well, I may surface in a real race, fingers crossed. It is great to watch my friends and compadres compete in the early season races and I feel truly blessed to be associated with this great sport! The other "sport" I am becoming more and more passionate about is, of course, standup paddling. I am planning to enter a race later in May but not the long 9 miler because I don't have the time to get in what I feel would be adequate, real training for this. I respect the sport and conditions too much to just "show up". So, as the depression fades from "no running", I am feeling the angst to get back at it. Hard ride today with the boys in the wind really was a good way to start! Thanks boys! Never quit.....