Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy run race week

I had some lofty goals coming into this week, running wise. Considering that I have taken most of the past year off running due to injury, it was moderately lofty. I do, however, have a zero tolerance policy now for aches and pains that don't seem to just go away on their own. So, other than a couple bridge repeats, the run training has been just running, no real structure. Just trying to build back a base that I managed to lose throughout the past year. Feeling healthy enough to toe the starting line now makes me very happy. Knowing that I haven't done any real speed training, well, so what. I usually consider these races my speed work. So, did the Women's Magazine 5K on Sunday, Turkey Trot 10K on Thursday and the Autumn Fest 5K on Saturday evening. Sounded like a lot and ended up being quite fun. I did better than I expected last in last Sunday's 5K but was most proud that I competed well. I did have quite a bit of soreness afterwards so was real careful about running leading up to Turkey Trot. My left (good) hammy soreness lingered the most but it wasn't a factor come Thursday morning. It was quite warm the morning of the 10K, probably the warmest I've done on that day. I like warm! I did suffer a bit and felt the lack of specific training and tempo runs but still finished top 10 for the women and won Masters. Total shock and not expected because I didn't run all that fast (41:50). I ran much faster the last time (2 yrs ago) I won Masters but then again, it was quite warm. All the times were a little slower, I thought. Going into Autumn Fest on Saturday night, I expected to feel horrible. I wasn't sore after the 10K which is surprising so that was a huge positive. Saturday morning, we swam for an hour then biked for nearly two hours which was a bit tiring. Sitting on the couch for most of the day was the key! The weather was perfect for a race, nice and cool but not cold like last year (spectated, sucked). Only goal going into this last race of the week was to finish! The finish line reward was beer, a great reason to do this race! Free mug/beer for the first 50 males/females! It was dark too with a start at 6PM which was weird. I had a great run, had the Dane just ahead of me the entire way which really helped me keep pushing. Couldn't catch him though, he paced it well! I came through in 19:17 and second place female. Take my mug and get some beer, good beer too. Great day. Haven't gone that fast in several years and proof that racing frequently can replace speed work! The best part is that nothing hurts. My hammy has survived this week of racing and I really don't even think about it any longer. We have the Key West Tri next weekend which is really just a fun race and I can't wait. Then two weeks until the next race, will be nice! Many pics and memories to come out of Key West, I'm sure!