Sunday, November 07, 2010

No half marathon

Last week was really good training with most run mileage since August of '09 so we felt the half marathon was definitely going to be good. That is, until my right calf decided to be so incredibly sore that I couldn't run all this week. My cut-off for a Sunday race is being able to run by Friday prior and I couldn't, leg still too sore. Not really sure where it came from but the Dane was being very sweet and "massaged" my calves on Tuesday and woke up with super sore leg on Wednesday. Who knows. Sometimes you can go to bed healthy and wake up injured (thanks, Linda). So, no racing this weekend but we did get out for an 8 mile run Sunday morning in the unusually cool weather which was nice. Plan is to get some good runs in this week and be healthy for Turkey Trot 10K then Autumn Fest 5K the Saturday after. Built in speed work! I'm loving being healthy! Was tempted to sign up for IM Florida 2011 today but then I wised up and decided it wouldn't be the smartest decision. Plan for 2011 racing is short, fast and build speed. Long in 2012 is more likely. Staying healthy is the key to it all!