Saturday, September 15, 2012

Boston Chronicles....

I've decided to change the tone of the blog a little.  My plan is to chronicle my journey to the 2013 Boston marathon.  We have signed up and paid the Man so April 15th waits for no one.  I am still finding my way out of a wacky right hamstring/adductor (more the latter now) injury sustained 5 weeks ago but my head and heart are ready to push on.  I am doing some slow jogging on the tready and now also barefoot on the beach (which, btw, seems to be great for my formerly injured achilles).  The injury is 95% gone now but I have to be cautious about pushing too quickly.  There are a lot of great Fall run races coming up that I want to be ready for and it's hard to keep from going out and killing myself but, in my later years I have learned to be more patient.  So, if you wish to follow how one goes from where I am currently (jogging 2 miles) to racing Boston and vying for an AG podium spot, grab a glass of red and follow along.  A great friend of ours who ran many fast marathons gave me great advice to write down all the things I could recall from Jax marathon (12/11, our qualifier), so I did (many thanks, LB).  To be open, I ran a very painful 3:13 there.   The last thing I wrote on my recall from Jax (dated 12/23/11)  was as follows:  "keep my head up because I KNOW I can run faster than 3:13 (need sub-3:10 for top 10 finish at Boston W45-49 according to results).  I know I can do this....".   I still believe this is possible for me.  A lot of hard work has to happen but I've never seen a hard workout I didn't want to tackle!  For the record, I am swimming quite a bit now, riding very little (any hard riding seems to aggravate the hammy/adductor), and starting to run slowly.  Hopefully, the swimming will have maintained some aerobic fitness but we all know running is another story.  So, I hope to blog more frequently about my journey but you won't find any triathlon stories here!  I've done my tri's for 2012 and don't plan to do any more but you could find my in a local sprint just for kicks!