Thursday, March 14, 2013


Well, I never thought I'd be in the spot I am 4+ weeks out from Boston marathon.  Injured.  Like, still cannot run.  I never saw this coming.  I am incredibly diligent about doing my "prehab" exercises to prevent injury.  Damn.  The original problem (I now have 2 injuries, awesome) was very vague pain in the left proximal fibula.  Didn't hurt to run, just something I noticed walking around.  Started icing and reduced a few scheduled workouts just prior to Suncoast Classic 10K just to be careful.  I was perfectly ready to pull out of the 10K if I had pain but I didn't...until afterwards.  Well, I haven't really run since.  Had ART session last Friday and we didn't feel it was a stress fracture based on his findings; I was encouraged to run over the weekend and see how it went.  Tried on Saturday, it didn't go well.  And, I found that I (I guess swimming with fins) managed to tweak my left hamstring (the same one I tore in '09).  Damn.  Yup, full meltdown ensued and the pity party went until Sunday.  Decided no running until/unless I have no pain/discomfort/awareness walking for a couple days.  Today was the day to try.  Even went to the gym to get on the dreadmill in case the pain wasn't really gone.   Well, both things hurt at a snail's pace so said a few choice words and hopped off.  I am now hurting again in both areas. Ugh.  Totally suboptimal.  I will see ART guy again and decide if (likely) imaging will be the next step to see if I have a stress fracture as this will require different approach.  It currently isn't very likely that a marathon will be run by me on 4/15 but I'm trying to hold on to what little positivity I have, and believe me, it's dwindling rapidly.   Pity really, because training was going perfectly for a really good marathon.    Well, we'll see how the next couple of weeks progress and go from there.  On a good note, the Dane's heel seems to be improving so he is making a push to get more mileage in now prior to taper.  Wish we could be healthy and training at the same time!  I do make a great cheerleader.