Sunday, March 03, 2013

Suncoast Classic 10K and niggles

Well, another great race in the books.  Suncoast Classic 10K was yesterday in St Pete and was yet another great year for this event.  I had a race pencilled into this weekend for my Boston program and wouldn't miss this one for anything!  Weather was sketchy with cold front moving in (hopefully the last one for the "winter"), cool with pissing rain once we got going.  I normally dress well for this but, damn, I got cold during the race with the rain!  Anywho, I had a race plan in place, wanted to go out in 6:20/mile and hold, hoping some competition would push me under that pace for a good overall time.  Well, I did average the pace I wanted but ended up running by my lonesome for about 5.5 miles.  I was cold and a bit mentally spent at the end!  Physically, I felt pretty good but I think it's hard (for me, anyway) to race solo vs being in a dog fight sort of race.  Ended up in 3rd overall (women) which I was pretty happy with.  Decent time but felt with more pressure I could have gone a bit quicker.  Happy nonetheless.  The Dane got to race again too which was positive for him (and won Grand Masters!).
I did skip long run today with weird/concerning pain in my left upper fibula.  I have had a stress reaction on my right fibula in the past so I'm not going to ignore this niggle!  Hopefully, a couple days off (which I don't want to take, ugh), will make this resolve but I will be very attentive to this!  That said, if I had stopped my training for every thing that hurts on a day to day basis at this age, I'd never get out the door!  Practicing my patience ahead of Boston......hear that will come in handy on race day!
ugh, cheers!