Saturday, August 08, 2009

What it takes

Do we really know, well, not really. The game changes constantly. The competitors change, constantly. We think about it, constantly. What am I speaking of......Kona. What else? In my mind........constantly. Wanna go back. My ticket is going to have to be earned in 3 weeks at IM Canada. Won't be easy but we've trained really hard. Today, for example, rode only 4 1/2 hours (cuz I'm baked) but the brick was 6 miles at an insanely happy, feel good pace of sub-7:30. That shouldn't "feel good", it should "feel shitty". Don't know but I'm certainly embracing running with really, really, tired legs. Good, I hope. Ran 18 1/2 miles on Thursday night in the Florida heat at sub 8:10 pace and stayed aerobic for most part. Is this my IM marathon pace now, sure hope so. Just glad to get through the key workouts. The foot/achilles is doing well out of orthotics, never going back if I can help it! I feel much more fit and definitely faster than the spring doing the 70.3 races.
Video is just stupid coverage of parking lot in the hills getting ready in the dark. We're tired of waking at 4:15am on Saturday mornings! Taper is a whisper away! Cheers.