Friday, August 28, 2009

you, you and you

Our patio dining spot, not bad

Early to swim, not bad

Bike and run course, very pretty

Somewhere along the bike course

These are the wise words from one (and only) Paula Newby Fraser. If you don't know who that is, do me a favor, save me the time and google her. Briefly, she won IM Hawaii nine, yes nine, times. More than anyone else. And, she has won IM Canada. We had a breakfast with her because we contributed to the community fund which goes far to help the local community support programs such as children's sporting events and various others. A feel-good thing to do, good karma builder and I'm happy to support charity in this community which we happen to invade for a few days. Today, was a swim in the lake which is beautiful. Then over to the breakfast and here Paula give many words of wisdom. Waited for more ART torture then had that. My ART guy today suggested that I try a jog today, just 5 minutes or so (most I've been able to do in over a week) to see how the treatment is working so I can report back tomorrow. Let's just say, if these people can save me, I may change my career!! I did jog for three minutes with moderate pain but, an improvement. How I'm going to string that into 26.2 miles, I haven't yet figured out. Very, very frustrating because I'm in the best condition of my life, I feel, and running pretty well all year. That said, I'll take what the day gives. This afternoon, we drove the bike course. If you want a challenging, epic, stunningly beautiful ride, come here. It is going to be scary in the long descents but, more than the wind, I can control this. I will post video when I have better connection and it doesn't take an hour to download! Having our healthy pasta meal tonight that chef Anders is whipping up as I type. Will try a video blog tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.