Monday, July 14, 2008

IM Rhode Island 70.3

Just wanted to do a quick update as we are leaving the hotel in a few minutes. Will write about all the gory details later. The race was very well run, highly recommend this event. That said, it was the hardest half ironman I have ever done. Riding in the hills once per week in Florida did not prepare me for this race. However, I swam well and ran pretty well considering the nagging hammy. I ended up 4th in the AG, a full 10 minutes out of 3rd so even if I didn't have such a pedestrian ride, I wouldn't have cracked the top 3. Only two Clearwater 70.3 slots in my AG and it rolled down to third. Third place girl won the AG at Florida 70.3 in May but I guess she didn't take her slot there. I was pretty upset about that yesterday (and still am), but there's nothing I can do about it right now except focus on Kona in 12+ weeks. I'm in good shape now and need to try and get over this injury as much as possible to make a good run for Kona.
More gory details to come...........