Sunday, August 23, 2009

In the barn

Well, taper is in full swing. I feel really tired, which is usually normal for me. I have managed also to somehow injure myself during this taper and I'm still not quite sure what's wrong or when/how I did it. I ran fine last Saturday after the long ride and felt tired but good. My foot has slowly been better and better and is, essentially, a non-issue. We SUP'd quite a bit last Sunday, tried to battle some big swells which was probably wrong. Then had the whole thing with the manatees and were on the boards for quite a long time. Felt a twinge in my groin area, where the adductors and hamstrings attach on the left leg but didn't think much of it. Went to run on Tuesday and could barely go 1/2 a mile and had to walk home due to pain. Haven't run since, have been favoring it just to walk but doesn't bother me to swim or bike. Today, feels a little bit better. Praying it won't be there in one week so I can run a marathon. I'm moderately freaked out but realize not much I can do but rest, ice and take lot's of Advil (which I don't think helps much). Anyhow, otherwise, things going well. We leave on Tuesday and I'm in desperate need for a vacation! Have a full day at work tomorrow, should have taken it off but didn't. Oh well. Will make the days off more sweet! The bike is packed but still have to pack the rest of my stuff. I took a couple photos of my IM Canada Splish suit - hope it's not too cold to wear! Hope I get to run a full marathon in it also! Will certainly update from the road as we will be traveling with laptop. Wish us well, eh!


BriGaal said...

Good luck, Kathy! I can't wait to track you; and you have all week to rest the leg. I think you'll be fine. Dig deep and have fun!

Terrytri20 said...

Ryan and I wish you both the best for this IM.... we know you are gonna rock this race! Can't wait to see the results and pics! Terry and Ryan Repp