Sunday, February 07, 2010

Trying to get in shape is tough

Wow, you can get really out of shape when you take 5+ months off from hard training. Guess I haven't done that in so many years that I forgot how horrid it really feels. Well, making up for it now. I've had some good runs this past week which aren't fast but they are pain-free and that's what it's all about for me right now. No racing goals in the near future so just trying to get back into a routine with swim, bike, run. The winter here has really sucked. For Florida standards, this has been cold, windy and just plain ick. When we get out to ride, we ride hard to keep warm. I'm getting closer to not getting dropped on the Sunday ride which is improvement. What I really lack right now is the explosive jump to stay on the group. I can only do it so many times before I get dropped. I can go a long time at a steady pace just fine, which is all that matters for racing but it's nice to be the only girl hanging on to the group of guys. Not there yet but I will be soon. I'm also really stoked that my brother did his first brick this weekend (run-bike workout, mother) and actually enjoyed it. He has his first triathlon in 5 weeks and he is really excited about it, so am I. He is super pumped and this motivates me as well. He had some knee pain and an MRI found that he has been running around on a torn ACL, medial and lateral meniscus.... guess the mental toughness thing runs in the fam! Nice, bro! Rooting for the Saints today. Who Dat!


emmyfrailing said...

Great for Mikie!! He called a few days ago but I was out. It's hard getting tog by phone, time dif. Brick, ok, got that! Glad you got your old butt into a new saddle! Love you all!